DGLA PAC comments on candidates and who refused to participate

This week, DGLA PAC endorsed its slate of candidates. For the first time in its 38-year history, candidates from every district sought the organization’s endorsement and DGLA PAC was able to make an endorsement in each district.

Local Briefs • 04-10-15

Chorale opens Mayor’s Creative Conversation The Turtle Creek Chorale has been invited to open the Mayor’s Creative Conversation about Music at 5:50 p.m. on Monday, April 13, at the City Performance Hall, prior to the kick off of the event. The Creative Conversation will be co-hosted by Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Morning News writer [...]

Meet the candidates for city, school board in Dallas

Dallas city and school board joint elections are fast approaching — set for May 9 — and many candidates are taking every opportunity to get out and meet their potential constituents and win some votes. The Friends of the Dallas Public Library will be holding receptions for candidates in different districts over the next week [...]

Stamp of approval

Opposition to the Trinity toll road drives Stonewall endorsements in many Dallas city council races   DAVID TAFFET  |  Senior Staff Writer Stonewall Democrats’ endorsement committee has voted to support opponents of Mayor Mike Rawlings and Councilman Rick Callahan. The recommendations voted on at the March 7 screening will be considered and ratified or changed [...]

After years kinda supporting same-sex marriage, Mayor Rawlings comes out fully in favor

Mayor Mike Rawlings, who has supported same-sex marriage all along, came out in favor of marriage equality.

Roads, parks and nondiscrimination ordinances

Why city council elections matter to LGBT people   JAMES RUSSELL  |  Staff Writer On May 9, area voters will cast their votes for nonpartisan elected offices — like city councils, school boards and other special purpose districts. And while the day-to-day obligations of a local elected official may not be the most riveting of [...]

The earthquake report: We’ve been having them

I have yet to feel any of the earthquakes that have been rattling DFW — or at least, parts of DFW — lately. But I have seen a lot of my friends talking about them on Facebook. From what they have said, the tremors and aftershocks have been pretty frequent in recent weeks, and some [...]

Nice buns

… But it’s what’s in between that gives Rodeo Goat its kick ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor I don’t usually offer up a full-length review two weeks after a restaurant opens, but I made an exception for Rodeo Goat for two reasons: First, because it is across the street from my office and has [...]

Mike Rawlings will run for re-election as mayor in 2015

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings confirmed today (Tuesday, Dec. 2) that he will run for re-election next May, telling Dallas Morning News that he still has some “big bold goals” left to accomplish. In the campaign leading up to his first election as Dallas mayor in 2011, Rawlings courted the LGBT vote. But he drew the [...]

Once and for all, the city of Dallas is not in a state of panic and has no reason to be

To hear Good Morning America tell it, “The city of Dallas is in a state of panic.” That piece of stupidity was how the show started one morning at the beginning of the media-driven Ebola panic and is the reason I no longer watch the show.