Texas adoption law harms the most vulnerable children

Posted on 28 Jul 2017 at 7:40am

The 2017 Texas Law, HB 3859, which allows broad discrimination by adoption agencies will undoubtedly harm the thousands of children who have already been abused or neglected by their birth parents and desperately need loving homes. The law allows agencies to discriminate because of any “sincerely held religious belief.”  Private adoption agencies can already set […]

Pro business? Not any more

Posted on 21 Jul 2017 at 7:50am

  With the Texas State Fair coming along soon, I started wondering, what if Big Tex were to suddenly change his welcome speech: “Howdy Folks! Now take your business Elsewhere!” After listening to the condescending tone of Texas State Rep. Scott Sanford, R-McKinney, during a recent Facebook Live roundtable hosted by CBS 11, I couldn’t […]

Beware the bitchy queen game

Posted on 14 Jul 2017 at 7:55am

  As far back as I remember, some young, gay shop clerks have often engaged in a behavior I call “the bitchy queen” when it comes to dealing with some of their gay male clientele. I’m not quite sure why that seems to be an appropriate behavior to indulge in with their client base, and […]

Saying goodbye to a legend

Posted on 07 Jul 2017 at 7:35am

  What drew me to the “leather scene” in the 1970s was an image — a composite, really, of masculine images that all spoke of a raw passion and eros. The drawings of Tom of Finland, the paintings of Etienne, those photos of mustached men in leather jackets and little else in the pages of […]

The exotic, scandalous ‘transgender lifestyle’

Posted on 07 Jul 2017 at 7:30am

  With the Texas Legislature’s special session set to get underway on July 18, I thought I would shed some light on what Dan Patrick, the Republican caucus and right wing evangelicals call “the transgender lifestyle.” This “lifestyle” is apparently their justification for keeping us out of the bathroom and public spaces, denying us medical […]

Handel’s depressing win in Georgia

Posted on 30 Jun 2017 at 7:20am

Despite the creeping anti-LGBT scum covering D.C., love will eventually win   Another day, another truly terrible person elected to Congress. America is on a roll when it comes to voting for people who are the worst. As I write this, I’m in Chicago with my family during Pride. The Navy Pier Ferris wheel is […]

The date from Hell

Posted on 23 Jun 2017 at 7:50am

  Some things in life that happen are just too wild, bizarre, extreme or otherwise “interesting” that you cannot help but think, “Someone just has to hear this story.” Well, a recent series of incidents that took place in one evening proved that to me. And I just can’t keep this to myself. Let’s start […]

The lives of the leftovers

Posted on 16 Jun 2017 at 8:40am

Some long-term HIV survivors have thrived; others have not   I just finished watching the series finale of The Leftovers. I was drawn to this television show for a couple of different reasons. First, as with most every gay man watching, Justin Theroux had my attention with his now legendary jogging scene in his sweatpants […]

Pride: Let it shine

Posted on 16 Jun 2017 at 8:35am

He may not have called it LGBT Pride, but Jesus wanted to celebrate who we are   Like many folks, I have read much of the Bible hundreds of times, particularly the gospel texts in the New Testament — the recollections about the life and activities of Jesus on earth. Now, the religious values I […]

Fighting for healthcare for all

Posted on 09 Jun 2017 at 8:10am

  When you find your house on fire, you don’t have to wait for your co-pay to be approved before the fire department decides to take action and save your life or work to stop the fire from spreading to the next building. Everyone pays in a little to have a system in place to […]