DTC is looking for gender-benders for ‘Rocky Horror’

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 at 4:27pm

lipeJoel Ferrell, who will be directing the Dallas Theater Center’s upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show, needs your help.

Part of Ferrell’s concept for the show calls for “living set decorations” — gender-benders, elaborately tattooed and/or surprisingly pierced men and women, or those with special skills (think circus sideshows: sword swallowers, snake charmers and the like) to add atmosphere to the show. You don’t need to know how to sing, dance or act — just be fun to look at. (And, FYI, there’s no remuneration involved, it’s just for your own pleasure.)

To track down those who’ll fit, the DTC is hosting an open casting call at the Rose Room on Saturday, July 26. There are 50 audition slots open, which you can apply for my email to Laura.Colleluori@DallasTheaterCenter.org. Just send her your name, age, phone number and brief description of your talent. Auditions will start at 3:30 p.m. The production of Rocky runs Sept. 11–Oct. 19, and those selected will be expected to appear at about half of the performances.

Good luck!


LISTEN: Mary Lambert’s video for debut single ‘Secrets’

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 at 12:34pm

MaryLambert1Mary Lambert went from obscurity to zaftig pop hero when she teamed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their hit rap about gay tolerance, “Same Love.” Now the queer singer, who has one of those indie rocker-chick voice you quickly latch onto, has release the first single off her debut album, due in the fall. “Secrets” is about her dysfunctional personality and how she comes to terms with being who she is. It’s a fun little romp. Take a listen (and watch the video) after the jump.


Snuffer’s vs. Snuffers: From burgers to Tex-Mex

Posted on 09 Jul 2014 at 10:56am

493217679Our Food Issue is still on the stands, but here’s some news since we went to press last week. And it concerns a Dallas icon and the new efforts of its former proprietors.

Snuffer’s on Lower Greenville was an institution for decades, venerated for its loaded cheese fries and decadent hamburgers. Then a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing early last year turned the restaurant, the name, and the other branches over to Firebird Restaurant Group, the same company that owns El Fenix and Meso Maya. The site of the original restaurant was bulldozed, and Firebird opened a new Snuffer’s on the same spot earlier four months ago.

But Pat Snuffer isn’t out of the restaurant game — though it appears the family may be downplaying the cheese fries. Pat and his son Mike Snuffer just announced plans to open Pat & Mike’s, a new restaurant concept at 18101 Preston Road in Far North Dallas (home of the now-closed Battuto Italian Kitchen, which I enjoyed), later this fall. And while they will have hamburgers on the menu, that won’t be the focus. “The last thing this town needs is another burger joint,” Pat said in a release. While there will be a few burgers available, the focus of the new place will be hand-crafted pizzas and Tex-Mex, as well as a full-service tequila program. And it will be open late, for those after-hours munchies.



WATCH: Wub, the gayest dance ever

Posted on 08 Jul 2014 at 3:39pm

WubThis video begins with a very attractive young man talking about police harassment. Why can’t he just dance in public, without being hassled by The Man? And then he demonstrates the controversial dance that got him and his cohorts arrested in the first place.

True arts movement or put-on? Do you really care? I don’t (though I expect the latter). It’s just a video of hot young men in Spandex playing with giant phalluses.

Best part? Mom watching in the background.


‘Hunger Games’ promo art is really homoerotic

Posted on 07 Jul 2014 at 10:46am

Mockingjay Part 1 - D7 District Heroes CollectionMockingjay Part 1 - D6 District Heroes CollectionIf you haven’t already seen the promotional artwork for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, which hits theaters in November, you’ve missed some pretty sexy images. The concept is to underplay the movie and make the promos look like they are for the people of Panem themselves, to get them excited over the competition. Each district has a “hero” being marketed to its residents, and if I had a choice, I’d definitely like to live in District 7 (The Lumber District — lots of wood!) or District 6 (The Transportation District — he really knows how to wear rubber!).


Penne Pomodoro offers gluten-free menu

Posted on 04 Jul 2014 at 10:44am

Food coverIn this week’s Food Issue, we have stories about the Oak Lawn Farmers Market and a vegan cookbook by drag cabaret performer Mistress Ginger. Organic… vegan… but we left out a gluten-free story. Sorry! Just so you know, Penne Pomodoro, the Italian restaurant with locations in Snider Plaza, Lakewood and Preston Forest, has gluten-free options on its menu. That’s a pretty sweet development for folks who like pastas, pizzas and risottos, but suffer from celiac disease.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Dallas Voice this week and read all about Trinity Groves, Stephan Pyles’ San Salvaje, the Resource Center’s food pantry, and much more.


Maybe they should call it Burger Queen?

Posted on 03 Jul 2014 at 9:40am

bildeContinuing with our run-up to Friday’s Food Issue, we have this gem from San Francisco, an object lesson in gay-friendly marketing.

The Burger King corporation decided to sell a “Proud Whopper” — a “gay burger” offered only in the City by the Bay, and only for a few days. And they didn’t even change the formulation at all. But that’s not the point. In fact, it’s kind of the exact opposite of the point.

By selling the exact same burger, only with a rainbow wrapper, during S.F. Pride, Burger King sent a clear message — one they even spelled out on the wrapper itself: “We are all the same inside.” The San Francisco location can sell a pretty finite number of burgers in the time frame, but it’s funny how a wrapper — and a welcoming attitude — can raise brand awareness in a demographic.

Are you more inclined to go to Burger King now? And who wants to join me in calling it Burger Queen?


Abuelo’s offers 25 cent enchiladas today. Goal!

Posted on 01 Jul 2014 at 11:42am

More food news for our pending Food Issue on Friday: Abuelo’s, the Texas-based chain of Mexican cantinas, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month with a special deal — just in time for the U.S.-Belgium World Cup match today. All day Tuesday, with every entree you can get an add-on of any enchilada for just 25 cents (limit two per customer). That’s a great promotion, considering how good their hand-rolled enchiladas are. The deal applies across the chain of 40 locations, about a half-dozen of which are in the Dallas area (notably along 75 in Plano and over in Arlington). The 10-oz. ribeye steak entree, pictured, already comes with two enchiladas, but if you’re like me, you can never get too many.


Kathy Bates: The gay interview

Posted on 01 Jul 2014 at 11:12am

L14A2832.DNGLong before dishing lesbian wisdom to Melissa McCarthy’s mess of a character in this summer’s road-trip comedy Tammy, which opens tomorrow, Kathy Bates had the gay community in shackles. It didn’t take a sledgehammer to maintain our obsession with her … it just took the Hollywood icon’s every turn on television (Six Feet Under, American Horror Story), Broadway (’Night, Mother) and the big screen (Titanic, Misery, which won her an Oscar).

Notably with Fried Green Tomatoes, her 1991 girl dramedy, and then with Dolores Claiborne and Primary Colors, the SMU alumna has kept us captivated for four decades, bound to her boundless greatness. Now, as one half of a lesbian couple in Tammy (Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy plays her partner), she’s giving you one more reason to be her biggest fan. Our Chris Azzopardi sat down with her to discuss the gay boys she first met in Dallas, kissing girls and her drag impersonators.

Dallas Voice: I’ve never been to an all-lesbian party, but based on the one your character, Lenore, throws in Tammy, clearly I’ve been missing out.  Kathy Bates: You have. It was a lot of fun! It really was. And there was a scene that was cut out of the movie where all the lesbian women on the dock were singing “Fire,” the Bruce Springsteen song, which was pretty fun.

You really can’t go wrong with some lesbians and The Boss.  No, no, no. It’s a sure thing.

Tell me about the best lesbian party you’ve ever been to.  I don’t know if I’ve been to a lesbian party quite like the one we have in Tammy. I’ve known and loved many lesbians in my life … but I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten them all into the same room at the same time! I always imagined that my and Sandra’s characters lived in a very small town, so I think many of these lesbians they’ve known were shipped in and probably work in Lenore’s [pet] shops in other towns, that it’s an annual thing and they come in and hang out for the holiday.

Melissa said your chemistry with Sandra was instantly palpable. Who are some other women you could see yourself going lesbian for onscreen?  Let me think about that. I’m just absolutely in love with Sandra, and let me just say that she really brought our relationship to bloom. She brought a lot of love and warmth, and it was her idea to have wedding rings, which I hadn’t thought about, and also, really, to think that our relationship is the healthiest relationship in the movie.

You know, we’re non-judgmental, and [in] my scene on the dock with Melissa, it was important for me to be able to ad-lib how difficult it is — or was, especially 20, 25 years ago — for lesbian women to come out. I think almost more difficult than for men to come out as gay. She brought just so much love, and she really helped create the little bubble of our relationship, and now I have forgotten your question. Oh, whom else would I like to be with. Ahh, let’s see. Who do I love? Oh, I could totally see this: I shared a plane trip with Uma Thurman once and I thought she was pretty cool. I could see doing a movie with her and having a lesbian relationship — although I’m much too old for her!