Memorial services for Bill Eure set

Posted on 19 Jul 2016 at 11:06am
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Bill Eure

Two memorial services will be held for Bill Eure, 60, who died on Monday, July 18. Eure is the husband of the Rev. Michael Piazza, who was the senior pastor of Cathedral of Hope for 18 years.

The first service will be held on Saturday, July 23, at 1 p.m. at Virginia-Highland Church, 743 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta.

The second service will be in Dallas on Monday, July 25, at 6:30 p.m. at Cathedral of Hope, 5910 Cedar Springs Road. The Rev. Shelly Hamilton and the Rev. Carol West will participate in the service. A reception will follow.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made online to the Virginia-Highland Church altar guild.


Asian Film Fest screens award-winning ‘Spa Night’

Posted on 19 Jul 2016 at 10:27am

SPANIGHTLast weekend, Los Angeles’ OutFest — the LGBT film festival — handed out its awards for the top movies screening there, and two went to Spa Night: A special recognition for outstanding performance by Joe Seo playing a gay Korean-American, as well as the U.S. Grand Jury Prize. If you didn’t happen to be in SoCal for the fest, though, don’t worry — you can actually see that award-winner tonight.

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas has a few days left in its fest, including a screening of Spa Night at the Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird Station tonight at 10:15 p.m.  Seo plays a closeted gay man who discovers the underground world of gay sex while working at a spa. And if you can’t make it tonight, well, you still have a few mores days of screenings of other films to entertain you.


Oklahoma governor defends anti-LGBT Republican platform

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 4:57pm

Mary FallinOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin defended the anti-LGBT Republican platform on CNN today (Monday, July 18) saying there were gay people on the platform committee.

Actually, of the 112 members of the GOP platform committee, only one, Rachel Hoff, was lesbian. She made impassioned pleas for the party to soften its rhetoric that were completely ignored.

Fallin went on to defend the document that vilifies everything from same-sex marriage to the idea that transgender people have a right to pee by saying the platform is about “how can we make America great and how can we believe and stand for human rights of all people.”

All people — unless they happen to LGBT and want to get married or go to the bathroom.

The platform also calls for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act that would allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT people by simply claiming “a deeply held religious belief.”

Here’s the interview:


Officer in Robert Moore’s photo to be interviewed on local news tonight

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 3:45pm
0715 new

Dallas PoliceOfficer JD Smith, photo taken by Robert Moore during the ambush that killed five officers and wounded 7 other officers and two civilians.

We’ve just received word that Officer JD Smith, the Dallas Police officer in Robert Moore’s photos taken during the July 7 ambush shooting downtown, will be interviewed on local news broadcasts at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday, July 18), on Channel 5, the local NBC affiliate, and Channel 11, the local CBS affiliate.

Robert Moore, former publisher and owner of Dallas Voice, was invited by Dallas PD to participate in the interviews, but was across the Trinity in Fort Worth and wasn’t able to get back to Dallas in time to participate.

You can read Officer Smith’s interview with Channel 5 here now.


Rabbi Paley: Notes from the memorial for fallen officers

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 3:09pm

Rabbi Andrew Paley, right, speaking at the Meyerson

Rabbi Andrew Paley, senior rabbi at Temple Shalom in North Dallas, described the experience of participating in the memorial at the Meyerson Symphony Center to the five police officers killed in an ambush on July 7, as “powerful, exciting, overwhelming.”

Paley was one of three clergy who offered a prayer during the tribute, and he sat on stage directly behind First Lady Michelle Obama.

The dignitaries on the stage whispered to one another several times throughout the event. But it seems what the audience most noticed was when former President George W. Bush whispered some comment to the First Lady and her reaction to him.

Micki Rawlings leaned over to say something to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price commented to DART Police Chief James Spiller. The Bidens interacted. But the current first lady and former president were cutting up like old friends.


Michelle Obama seems to be trying not to laugh at a comment former President George Bush made to her while their spouses look on.

Paley said the comments he heard were mostly innocuous. Commenting on one soloist from the interfaith choir that performed, Bush leaned over and said, “Man, can she sing.”

But other comments got more of a reaction when Bush said something to the first lady and both his wife and her husband laughed at Michelle’s response.

Paley said the Bushes arrived at the Meyerson about 40 minutes before the Obamas and Bidens, who had been visiting injured officers at Parkland Hospital before the service. He said while they were waiting backstage, Bush put everyone at ease, asking, “How’s it going everybody?” as he walked in.

“I understood why people like him,” Paley said.

Paley described Mrs. Bush as “classy, composed and refined,” but as they waited for the Obamas, the other memorial participants sat in a circle talking.

“Bush tried to connect with everyone,” Paley said. He didn’t want any formality. “You know, I’m not the president,” Bush told them and sat in the circle with them. To make those participating on the world stage for the first time, along with others who were old hands at it, the former president told some stories as they waited backstage for what would be a very solemn and moving event.

Bush told the group about meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. When Putin came to the White House, he met Bush’s Scottish terrier Barney. When Bush was in Moscow, he visited Putin’s residence. The Russian leader brought out his dog, Konni, a black Labrador retriever, and said, “My dog’s bigger.”

As they waited for the Obamas and Bidens, the choir sang on stage, but backstage, the group chatted. Paley asked Bush if he was still painting. “Like a madman,” Bush said. Paley told the former president he had seen his series of portraits of world leaders at the Bush Library. “Not my finest work,” Bush told him.

Before going on stage, Paley asked Bush if he’d ever been to Temple Shalom. “Not yet,” Bush told him. Paley invited him, saying, “We’d love to have you.” Bush said jokingly, “I don’t get that far north.” Temple Shalom is just north of LBJ Freeway on Hillcrest at Alpha Road.

Paley described Vice President Joe Biden as very likable. “He’s just like on TV — warm and approachable.”

As they lined up to go on stage, Biden was behind Paley. The rabbi said something about being ahead of the Vice President and Biden joked, “I’m Catholic, but I’d follow the Jews anywhere.”

He called the President and First Lady “genuinely nice people,” and said he left feeling the Obamas were “real humans who were really heartbroken” after all efforts to do anything about gun violence had been thwarted. After the memorial, Paley said, Obama spent about an hour with the families of the slain officers.


Drag Star Divas brings in big bucks for Orlando victims

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 2:31pm

Drag Stars Diva Logo

Drag Star Divas for Orlando, a show held Sunday night, July 17, at The Rose Room in S4, raised $8,500 in about two hours to benefit the victims of the June 12 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The event featured more than 30 performers, including Rose Room regulars, RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni, Mr. Gay USofA winner and even Alyssa Edwards’ Beyond Belief dance team.

Below are photos taken by Dallas Voice’s Chad Mantooth, and even a brief video snippet of a performance by Kennedy Davenport. Watch for more photos in the Scene section of the Friday, July 22 issue of Dallas Voice.


Help Dallas Elite get to Pittsburgh for the WFA championship

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 1:32pm

Dallas Elite’s Janice Mitchell, 33, breaks free for some yardage in the Dallas team’s earlier outing against the DC Divas. Dallas Elite won that game, 40-19. (Photo courtesy Douglas Charland)

Dallas Elite — after going undefeated in regular season play for two consecutive seasons — defeated the Central Cal War Angels, 34-28, to win the Women’s Football Alliance’s Division 1 American Conference championship on July 9.

Now Elite will face the DC Divas on Saturday, July 23, in Pittsburgh for the WFL Division 1 National Championship. And you can help them get there.

The team, co-owned and coached by O.J. Jenkins, is raising money this week to pay for the trip. You can contribute in one of two ways: through the GoFundMe page here, or by having drinks and a delicious appetizer tonight (Monday, July 18) at La Comida Mexican Kitchen and Cocktails.

From 6-10 p.m., La Comida, at 5100 Belt Line, Ste. 796, is offer the Elite Championship Special, which includes two drinks — house frozen Rita, rocks, the signature flamingo, red wine, white wine, and/or beer — and one house appetizer for only $12.

This is a one-night-only, cash-only special offer, and proceeds will help pay the team’s way to Pittsburgh. AND, hairstylist Ari Darocy has said she will be at La Comdia tonight, selling gift certificates for haircuts, and half of all her proceeds from that effort will go to Dallas Elite, too.

If you can’t make it out to La Comida tonight — or even if you can, and just want to help some more — you can donate to the team’s travel fund on the Dallas Elite GoFundMe page. These ladies have played hard and played well all season. Let’s show them Dallas supports them, and get them to Pittsburgh where they can beat the Divas.


Bill Eure has died

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 10:25am

Bill Eure

Bill Eure, husband of the Rev. Michael Piazza, died overnight in his sleep, at his home in Atlanta, following a fierce battle with cancer.

Eure is survived by his family: husband Michael Piazza, his daughters Jerica Coughlin and Jordan Coughlin, his brother John Eure, David Plunkett and Sheila Coughlin.

Eure and Piazza met in Dallas in 1980, before Piazza became pastor of Cathedral of Hope. The family moved to Atlanta from Dallas in 2011 where Piazza became the senior pastor at Virginia-Highland Church.

Eure is originally from Goldsboro, N.C. and graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He worked for Hewlett-Packard. Eure had many interests, and was a certified sommelier.

On his Facebook page, Piazza wrote the following tribute:

Last night my beloved Bill died in his sleep. He left far too soon, but I had the privilege of loving and being loved by him for thirty-five and a half years. I told him yesterday that he was always my proof that God really does love me. So next time you raise a glass of champagne or good wine remember that smile and toast a life well lived. XOXO

The Rev. Neil Cazarez-Thomas isuued the following statement on behalf of Cathedral of Hope:

Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ, Dallas TX is saddened by the news of the passing of Bill Eure, husband of Reverend Michael Piazza, former Senior Pastor and influential leader of progressive Christianity.

Bill was an integral part of Reverend Piazza’s 24-year ministry at Cathedral of Hope and he served in numerous roles, sharing his talents and gifts in abundance.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Reverend Michael and their two daughters Jerica and Jordan.  We join with members of Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta, where Reverend Michael currently serves, as we share in their loss.

As people of faith we understand that death is not the end, but rather a gateway to eternity.  We share and mourn our loss, even as we celebrate a life well-lived.

RIP, good and faithful servant.

The Reverend Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas
 Senior Pastor


Kitchen LTO bids farewell… for now

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 at 9:49am

Casie Caldwell, with former LTO chef Blythe Beck.

The “LTO” in Kitchen LTO always meant “limited time only,” and that limited time has come to an end. The so-called permanent pop-up restaurant, which tagged a different chef every several months to design a menu (as well as an artist to help flush out the decor), closed its doors last night for good … sort of. Founder Casie Caldwell, who was one of the first entrepreneurs to open a spot in the growing Trinity Groves development in West Dallas three years ago, announce that the concept will appear as a series of pop-ups at some time in the future.

Caldwell other current restaurant, Pink Magnolia, continues in Oak Cliff.


3 officers dead, 2 wounded in Baton Rouge

Posted on 17 Jul 2016 at 2:17pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.07.51 PM

A screen shot from Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate’s website.

Less than a day after the fifth of five law enforcement officers murdered July 7 in Dallas was laid to rest, three officers have been killed and three more wounded in Baton Rouge. Reports by The Advocate, a local newspaper, two of those killed were Baton Rouge PD officers, and the third was an East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy.

One suspect has been killed by police, but authorities are saying at least two more gunmen may still be at large. The attack happened just before 9 a.m., less than a mile from BRPD headquarters. CNN reports that it happened in a “rough area” that is “a known drug trafficking area. It is a location where police often go to grab coffee.”

USA Today reports, “Baton Rouge Police arrested a 12-year-old boy last week who they say was the fourth suspect in a plot to kill police. Police also arrested three suspects almost a week earlier.”

The attack happened two days after funeral services were held for Alton Sterling, killed July 5 by Baton Rouge police officers called to the scene by a homeless man angry that Sterling wouldn’t give him money.

Sterling’s funeral was held Friday in the 7,500-seat arena where Southern University plays basketball.