LGBT supporters canvass Oak Lawn for Davis on National Coming Out Day

Posted on 12 Oct 2014 at 9:33am

Several dozen people gathered at Oak Lawn Branch of the Dallas Public Library on Oct. 11 to canvass the neighborhood for gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. LGBT groups across Texas met to campaign at the same time to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

Lindsey Clark, a political field organizer for Human Rights Campaign sent to Texas to work with the Davis campaign, told the group the job is get people to make plans to early vote.

Early voting begins on Oct. 20 and runs through Oct. 31. The closest early voting locations to Oak Lawn are at the Dallas County Records Building downtown and Grauwyler Recreation Center on Harry Hines Boulevard. In Oak Cliff, early voting takes place at the Dallas County Sub-Courthouse on Beckley Avenue.


Cocktail Friday: Blood Orange Cosmo

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 2:19pm

Blood Orange CosmopolitanEver since Carrie Bradshaw and friends made it fashionable, the cosmopolitan has been a staple of dishy chat over an aperitif. But having recently tasted the Italian liqueur Solerno, make with blood oranges for a tangy citrus kick, I think this variation has its own appeal.

2 parts Solerno Blood Orange liqueur.

2 parts (each) beet juice, carrot juice, orange juice

1 part (each) lemon juice and ginger juice

Orange slices, fresh ginger

Making it: Combine all ingredients in a shaker and roll together. Strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with orange and/or ginger.


Sam Smith performs at House of Blues (Get ready for Erasure)

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 12:22pm


Openly gay performer Sam Smith packed the house at House of Blues in Dallas on Thursday night, and Dallas Voice ad rep/photographer to the stars Chad Mantooth was on hand to get these fabulous shots.

Erasure brings their Violet Flame Tour to House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St., in Dallas next Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 14-15. Tickets range from $39.50-$85.




Keep off the Trinity Strand Trail: I found it! It’s mine!

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 12:05pm

Butterflies should become more common along the trail as more wildflowers grow

When I saw the yellow stripe painted down the middle of the new Trinity Strand Trail, I decided it was time to take my bike out and try it. While it’s still a work in progress, the trail’s a great place for a bike ride. Unlike the nearby, overcrowded Katherine Trail (Katy, to those of you who have a better relationship with her), I had the entire length of the Trinity Strand to myself.

At one point, I had to get off my bike and walk across an underpass where concrete has yet to be poured. Other places I had to steer around the debris on the trail.

Note to Councilman Adam Medrano: please get a street sweeper over to my new Trinity Strand Trail so I can ride it more comfortably. Hey, I don’t ask for much. If you’re going to build me my own bike trail, you can damn well keep it clean for me. Need I remind you, young man, this was one of your aunt’s pet projects. Don’t make me call Pauline on you.

The trail will eventually connect with the Katy Trail that separates Uptown from Oak Lawn. This trail wanders through the Design District. Currently, it begins at Oak Lawn Avenue and I-35. Ahh, the truck fumes! It wanders past our new office building. The “trail head” is across from our building. (See slideshow below).

The map on the trail head shows a loop. Pretty close, except it doesn’t make a loop. Maybe eventually it will. It runs along Turtle Creek, behind Mama’s Daughters Diner, across the creek from the Anatole Hotel and ends up on Farrington at Medical Center drives.

Unlike the Katy, this trail is actually not designed for big crowds. Several sharp turns require a bike rider to cross the yellow line. On the Katy, that would be deadly — and by sharp, I mean greater than 90 degree turns. But since the trail is virtually unused — so far — it’s great for speed without having to stop for any traffic crossings.

So stay off. Those sharp turns are dangerous. And Adam just won’t keep it clean. To hell with all that nature along the Trinity and those great views of downtown. You don’t want to use the Trinity Strand Trail.


Four arrested in burglary at Oak Lawn and Lemmon

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 12:00pm
Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 12.18.27 PM

Four suspects arrested in Oak Lawn burglary

Dallas police arrested four people after witnesses identified their car when they broke into Nail Works on Oak Lawn at Lemmon, according to the Dallas Police crime blog.

A witness called 9-1-1 when he heard glass breaking and turned to see two of the suspects kicking and hitting a window at Nail Works located at 3416 Oak Lawn Ave.

When the witness drove by, he observed two suspects inside the location by the cash register. The witness then saw the suspects leave the burglary location and get into a vehicle that had additional suspects. The witness was able to flag down officers as he was following the suspects and told the officers about the burglary and that the suspects were in the vehicle in front of the patrol car.

The car was stopped and officers arrested four people. During the investigation, two of the four suspects confessed and gave information about the additional burglaries that they had committed. The other robberies took place at Highland Park Animal Hospital on Central Expressway, Bassett Furniture on McKinney Avenue and another store in Richardson.


Davis Campaign to Hold “Out for Wendy” Day of Action Across Texas

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 at 10:32am

WDNCODThe Wendy Davis campaign will celebrate National Coming Out Day tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 11, with “Out for Wendy” canvassing events across the state.

Joining LGBT Texans will be Houston Mayor Annise Parker, Amber Davis, daughter of Wendy Davis, and other campaign surrogates.

Click here to RSVP.


WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHO: Amber Davis, daughter of Wendy Davis

WHEN: 9:00 AM

WHERE: Austin Coordinated Campaign Office

1910 E. MLK Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78702


WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHO: Zac Petkanas, Communications Director for Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign

WHEN: 10:00 AM

WHERE: Oak Lawn Library

4100 Cedar Springs Road

Dallas, Texas 75219


WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHEN: 9:00 AM

WHERE: Starbucks

2720 W. University Drive

Edinburg, Texas 78539

Fort Worth

WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHO: Libby Willis (Candidate for State Senate – District 10)

WHEN: 10:00 AM

WHERE: Davis Campaign Field Office

La Gran Plaza – Suite 1711

4200 S. Freeway

Fort Worth, Texas 76115


WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHO: Houston Mayor Annise Parker

WHEN: 2:00 PM

WHERE: Matthiesen Law Firm

511 Lovett Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77004


WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHEN: 9:00 AM

WHERE: Davis Campaign Field Office

1701 Jacaman Road, Suite 1

Laredo, Texas 78041

San Antonio

WHAT: Out for Wendy Day of Action

WHEN: 12:30 PM

WHERE: Sparky’s Pub

1416 N. Main Avenue

San Antonio, Texas 78212


WATCH: Sam Smith parody ‘Please Go Home’

Posted on 09 Oct 2014 at 12:31pm

Please Go HomeSam Smith, the amazingly talented gay British pop star, will be performing tonight in Dallas, the final leg of his limited North American tour. To help get you ready for the concert, we share this video … not of an actual Sam Smith song, but of its parody, “Please Go Home,” which turns the needy-trick meme on its head from the perspective of the guy who made the mistake of hooking up with him. And it comes courtesy of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, led by our own Tim Seelig! It’s especially good for bear lovers! Enjoy!


Dallas Fire and Pension Board delays equality for LGBT officers

Posted on 09 Oct 2014 at 11:34am

Dallas Police Lt. Barbara Hobbs spoke to the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board

Rhonda Davis, a lesbian Dallas police officer, told the Dallas Fire and Pension Board, “We put our lives on the line everyday, yet we can’t take care of our families.”

Dallas Police Lt. Barbara Hobbs has been with her wife 27 years and has served on the Dallas Police Department equally long.

“If you got married today,” she said, pointing at one of the board members, “your wife would have benefits.”

She told them after 27 years of service and her wife wasn’t taken care of equally.

Councilman Lee Kleinman serves on the board of the pension board. He made a resolution to amend the definition of spouse for the purpose of benefits to anyone married in Texas or any other state. Four members of the Dallas City Council — Kleinman, Scott Griggs, Philip Kingston and Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins — and one other member of the board voted to put that amendment on an upcoming ballot for members to take a vote. Seven board members voted against the proposal.

Those voting against the amendment said they were concerned there isn’t enough time to educate rank-and-file police and fire personnel about the issue in the few weeks before the election. Officers who were there to support the measure believed they had the votes and that officers already understand the issue.

After the measure failed, Griggs proposed putting together a committee to study the issue and decide the best way to educate police and fire personnel. Those board members against the proposal wanted to study the issue for six months. Griggs made a motion to give them two months to report back and make a final decision at the meeting after that.

Atkins expressed shock that the board voted down the measure after hearing emotional pleas from the officers to protect their families and while the officers were sitting in  the room.

“How can they do that to their faces?” he said.


RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Posted on 09 Oct 2014 at 11:29am

AHSFS_Jessica_color_f_hires1If you’re as addicted to American Horror Story as most people I know, last night’s fourth season opener — which, like previous incarnations, follows its own new arc as a limited-run series — probably didn’t disappoint.

This cycle, called Freak Show, owes a lot to Tod Browning’s classic 1932 film Freaks which shows the grotesque and the tender side-by-side, down to the bearded lady (Kathy Bates, affecting a deliciously uncategorizable accent), the Siamese twins (two-headed Sarah Paulson, who may be eligible in both the leading and supporting actress Emmy categories), the tiny person and, natch, the clown … who, in this instance, makes Pennywise seem as harmless as Ronald McDonald. (If the image of that grinning skull-headed killer clown doesn’t freak you out more than Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, you’ve a stronger constitution that I have. I even waited until this morning to watch the damn thing, as I get easily frightened by toothy murderers in blood-stained yarn-ball tops.)

This is all par for the course with Ryan Murphy, who revels in the unsustainably exaggerated imagery of horror and musical-comedy, which can often be the same thing. While less sexy than Coven (the third cycle), Freak Show‘s lack of subtlety is one of its appeals. Who would ever attend a circus whose entrance was a fanged, grinning face designed more to terrify than to entice? When brutal murders start occurring in the 1952 backwater of Jupiter, Fla., who else would be the chief suspects other than an itinerant band of carnies (something the local police force seems slow to pick up on)? What pair of lovers would have a scary clown walk toward they and say “Hello” rather than run screaming in the opposite direction?

But there’s heart here, as well as gruesomeness. Jessica Lange plays Elsa, the German emigree ringleader of this pathetic traveling circus who is obsessed by stardom and glamour and imagines herself to be P.T. Barnum mixed with Marlene Dietrich. When she sings her number to welcome the milquetoast young man and his domineering mom (Frances Conroy) to the opening night of the show, it’s both wonderful and sad. That’s how most editions of American Horror Story play out: Only bad can come with good.


Two x Two for AIDS and Art books, surprisingly, CeeLo Green

Posted on 09 Oct 2014 at 11:04am

CeeLo Green__Photography by Meeno

Here’s a bit of news you haven’t heard in recent months: An organization booking — rather than canceling — an appearance by CeeLo Green.

The recording artist (“Crazy,” “Fuck You”) and TV host (The Voice) had most of his concerts canceled and his TBS reality series dropped within the last month or so following an allegation of sexual assault (no charges were filed) and his own self-serving Tweet, which he later deleted, and which showed insensitivity to rape.

But Two x Two for AIDS and Art, a high-end fundraiser, has announced that Green will be the featured entertainment at the Oct. 25 event. “Green is a longtime supporter of organizations focused on AIDS research and awareness. We are thrilled to have him,” said Cindy Rachofsky, host of the event, in a press release.