Shangela appears tonight on ‘X Files;’ Bruce Wood dancers Wednesday on ‘American Crime’

Posted on 01 Feb 2016 at 8:33am

XFiles_Shangela_PhotoMy lead story this week in Dallas Voice is about a naked chef’s sexy (and informative!) webseries, but it’s hardly to only exciting, gay thing going on on television this week.

Tonight on Fox, the rebooted miniseries of The X Files features an episode called “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” in which the FBI agents question Annabelle, an eyewitness. Annabelle is placed by Paris, Texas’ D.J. Pierce, aka Drag Racer drag queen alum Shangela, pictured. “I think writers are talking more chances with characters on TV, and that means more opportunities for diverse actors,” Pierce says. “To that I say, ‘Halleloo!’”

Over on ABC, the second season of the drama series American Crime — which is shot in Texas — is currently underway, address one crime per season and how it affects many people in its orbit. This season focuses on male-on-male rape. According to Andy Noble, artistic director of Houston’s NobleMotion Dance, “There is a big emphasis this season on tough and intimacy [and] dance is used to add to this discussion. I have never really seen dance used like this on network television before.”

This Wednesday’s episode includes a four-minute dance that includes two dancers from the Bruce Wood Dance Project, including its artistic director, Kimi Nikaidoh. The dance is a single shot, no edits.


Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote

Posted on 31 Jan 2016 at 12:40pm

vote-buttonTomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the March 1 primary election.

Here’s what you need to know, per

Register in person at your county Voter Registrar’s office. (In most Texas counties, the Tax Assessor-Collector is also the Voter Registrar. In some counties, the County Clerk or Elections Administrator registers voters.)

Or you can register by mail by obtaining an application from your county Voter Registrar’s office or the Secretary of State’s office. You can also pick up applications at libraries, government offices, or high schools.

After you check, double check and triple check, check out the League of Women Voters of Texas voters guide to learn more about the candidates.

Early voting for the primary begins Feb. 16.


Republican congresswoman talks about her trans son

Posted on 31 Jan 2016 at 9:00am
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

A Republican serving in the U.S. House talked about her transgender son.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen represents South Florida including Key West through the keys and parts of Miami. She scores 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional scorecard.

“He’s so happy living an authentic life just being honest about who he is,” Ros-Lehtinen said. “He brings a lot of joy in our lives.”


1st trans murder of 2016 reported in Austin

Posted on 30 Jan 2016 at 6:00pm
Monica Loera

Monica Loera

JonCasey William Rowell, 29, has been charged with first degree murder and is being held in Travis County Jail on a $250,000 bond, in connection with the Jan. 22 shooting death of Monica Loera, a 43-year-old Austin trans woman, according to reports posted yesterday (Friday, Jan. 29) by Monica Roberts on her TransGriot blog.

This is the first reported murder of a transgender person in 2016, Roberts said. She also noted that the most in the LGBT community were unaware of Loera’s murder for about a week because Austin-area media misgendered her in their reports.

Pink News, a LGBT news outlet in the United Kingdom, reported that several Austin-area media outlets “reported a police plea for information which identified the victim as ‘David Loera’ and circulated an old pre-transition driver’s license photo.”

In an article in the Austin Chronicle, writer Nina Hernandez took other media to task for their callous treatment of Loera’s murder, noting that “the wild curls and wide grins from her Facebook page — and above all else, her chosen name — have been omitted to a staggering degree. Instead Loera has been described using her birth name and masculine pronouns.”

There has been, Hernandez continued, “no public acknowledgement of her death or the [transgender] community that has been further traumatized in its wake. And that’s wrong.”

Witnesses told police Loera was “engaged in conversation” with a man in front of her home in north Austin when the man shot her. Witnesses’ description of the shooter and messages he allegedly left on Loera’s phone led police to Rowell.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.30.31 PM

JonCasey William Rowell

At least 21 transgender women, nearly all of them trans women of color, were murdered in 2015, including two in Texas: Ty Underwood, killed in January 2015 in Tyler, and Ms. Shade, found dead in a field in Dallas in July. Activists agree that the number of victims is likely much higher since many transgender victims are misgendered by police and the media, as was initially the case with Loera.

Roberts pledged that she will be “watching this case until our sister receives justice” and to update her readers as she gets new information.

“Rest in power and peace, Monica,” Roberts wrote on her blog. “Your trans family and all who loved you will not rest until justice is served.”


BREAKING: Hit and run on Cedar Springs

Posted on 30 Jan 2016 at 4:39pm

This is the vehicle that killed a dog and hit a woman at noon today on Cedar Springs Road

A turning car hit a woman, ran over her foot and killed her dog on Cedar Springs Road today (Saturday, Jan. 30) at about noon. She was crossing with the light. The car didn’t stop to render aid.

Josh Friedman, co-owner of the new Zephyr restaurant on the corner of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton, rushed the woman and her dog to CityVet where the dog died.

They returned to the restaurant to meet police and download video from their new camera system. Friedman said he thought the video would be clear enough to get a license number.

As of 4 p.m., police had still not taken a report. The woman was refusing to get medical help before filing her report.

Zephyr’s security company or Dallas Police should be able to enhance the video enough to get a license plate. A police camera across the street should also have caught the hit and run.


After being hit, woman is seen on ground. Her friend with another dog is behind her.


Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker named co-chair of DNC’s LGBT Advisory Board

Posted on 30 Jan 2016 at 12:43pm

Houston-Mayor-Annise-ParkerThe Democratic National Committee has appointed former Houston Mayor Annise Parker and HIV/AIDS and LGBT activist the Rev. José M. Román co-chairs of the party’s new LGBT Advisory Board.

The board, which is open to LGBT Democrats from all states, will work to advance LGBT equality by prioritizing community concerns and electing LGBT and ally Democrats across the country.

“The LGBT community has made huge strides the past 7 years under Democratic leadership, but with few exceptions the Republican Party continues to fight against equality at every turn,” Parker said in a statement.

In 2009, Parker became the first out LGBT person elected mayor of a major American city. She served for three terms until being term-limited. She was previously a city council member and city controller.

It’s crucial that LGBT voters elect Democrats, Parker said in a statement.

“During the fight to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in my own city, the despicable depiction of transgender people showed us how far our opponents will go to stop progress on protecting the rights of LGBT Americans,” Parker said.

HERO, the city’s comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance, was repealed last November after a yearlong battle with its opponents, who include many Republican lawmakers.

“The DNC’s LGBT Advisory Board will give us new opportunities to elevate local battles like HERO and to share strategies across communities about way to organize and win. I look forward to using the lessons learned in Houston to help lead this effort,” Parker added.

Her co-chair, the Rev. José Miguel Románis, is a prominent LGBT and HIV/AIDS activist based in New York City who is credited for advocating for needle exchange programs in New York City and securing funding for HIV/AIDS research. He also served on the Board of Directors of Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

“The diverse voices of the LGBT community have not always been represented in the national LGBT movement,” Román said. “This Advisory Board will help those voices be heard in the Party’s continuing efforts to advance LGBT rights. It will also help shine a light on LGBT Democratic candidates and the efforts of elected Democrats fighting for our community. I look forward to helping lead and shape this diverse body so that we can continue to fight for and protect the progress we have made.”

Board applications are still being accepted. Apply here.


Okla. Rep Sally Kern introduces what may be her stupidest legislation yet

Posted on 30 Jan 2016 at 9:00am

Okla. state Rep. Sally Kern

Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern is having a ball this session.

Kern is the homophobic Oklahoma legislator who once called Dallas Voice “a source of evil.”

Earlier this week, she introduced new anti-gay bills that would prevent LGBT kids from seeking help from a counselor that might help them.

Now she’s introduced legislation that would allow science teachers to make up their own facts if they don’t care for the scientific facts.

Four “controversial” issues are mentioned in Kern’s bill: biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming and human cloning. Her two bills have no co-sponsors.

The Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act says it will “help students develop critical thinking skills” since “areas of biology, chemistry, meteorology, bioethics and physics can cause controversy.”

“Toward this end, teachers shall be permitted to help students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories pertinent to the course being taught.” In other words, if science teachers don’t like the facts, they can make up their own.

Kern consistently sponsors anti-gay and anti-science bills. Since entering the Oklahoma Legislature, she’s basically passed nothing.

Someone in the Oklahoma legislature should introduce legislation that requires the state’s science teachers to believe in science.


Cocktail Friday: Jerry Cherry on the Dashboard

Posted on 29 Jan 2016 at 2:13pm

Sailor Jerry Cherry on the DashboardI got into a car accident this week. So I need liquor. Here’s one helpful recipe.

1.25 oz. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

1/2 oz. Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur

1/2 oz. black cherry shrub

Cherry bitters (3 dashes)

2 large sage leaves

Dry champagne

Making it: Add all ingredients except champagne into an ice-filled shaker. Shake vigorous and double strain into a flute. Top with champagne and garnish with sage leaves and a black cherry.


Missing: Police ask for help in locating Nino Jackson

Posted on 29 Jan 2016 at 12:02pm
Nino Jackson

Nino Jackson

Rowlett Police have asked for the community’s help in locating Nino Jackson, 26, who has been missing since Jan. 19.

According to police, Jackson was last seen the morning of Friday, Jan. 19, in the area of 911 W. Wheatland Road, in the southwest part of Dallas. His vehicle, a cream-colored Pontiac Firebird, was found by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 20, abandoned on the southbound side of the President George Bush Turnpike — aka Hwy. 190/George Bush Tollway — at the westbound I-30 ramp over Lake Ray Hubbard.

Jackson is about 5-feet, 8-inches tall and weighs about 198 pounds. He was last seen wearing a blue button-down shirt and khaki pants.

Anyone with information regarding Jackson or his whereabouts is asked to call 9-11 or to call the Rowlett Police Department at 972-412-6200.

Oliver Blumer, a friend of Jackson’s, said that people from the LGBT community and from the North Texas River Rafters organization have stepped forward to help in searching the area where Jackson’s vehicle was found. He said the Rowlett PD is small with limited resources, so volunteer searchers are appreciated.


New survey of LGBT immigrants reveals high rates of discrimination and harassment

Posted on 29 Jan 2016 at 11:32am

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 9.38.21 AMA new survey reveals a high number of LGBT immigrants report discrimination and harassment in employment, healthcare, housing and education and do not trust law enforcement.

The report, No More Closets, was conducted by immigrant youth advocacy group United We Dream in late 2015 both online and through individual interviews. 461 LGBT individuals either born outside of the United States or citizens born in the United States to foreign-born parents responded.

“With this survey, we aim to both tell our stories to policymakers as well as to the young people in our communities who are struggling that they are not alone and that together we can turn our shared struggle and power into the change we seek,” said Carlos Padilla, national coordinator of United We Dream’s Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project. “In fact, some of our nation’s leading change makers are LGBTQ immigrant youth – out of great struggle can come great strength.”

Those surveyed report alarmingly higher numbers of discrimination higher than the general LGBT population.

73.4 percent of respondents report their income doesn’t cover or just barely covers living expenses while only 26.6 percent report earning enough to live comfortably. 41 percent have no health insurance. Nearly half of all respondents say they are afraid to deal with police because of their immigration status or sexual identity.

“The patterns of discrimination, lack of healthcare and harassment uncovered by this report are heartbreaking but the countless stories of resistance and hope are inspiring. We hope that this report is just the beginning of research into a community determined to live authentically despite the odds,” said author Zenen Jaimes Perez, the policy and advocacy analyst for United We Dream.