Pet of the week • 01-30-15

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 7:35am

Lily is a sweet 1-year-old pit bull mix. She’s very loving and is just waiting for a person to call her own. She’s been at the shelter more than three weeks, so her adoption fee has been waived. Ask for Lily, A871567, at Dallas Animal Services. The Adoption Center is open 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Mon-Sat, [...]


Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 7:20am

Rodeo Goat isn’t the only place with hamburgers on its mind. Hopdaddy Burger Bar celebrates its Texas roots with the Ranch Hand Dan, a chicken patty topped with caramelized onions and bacon. Hurry! It’s only available ’til Feb. 8. Rodeo Goat also isn’t the only Tarrant-to-Dallas transplant. Eddy Thretipthuangsin of Cowtown’s Bite City Grill will [...]

Picking up the baton

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 7:15am

7 years after he stepped away from the podium, Tim Seelig — the Turtle Creek Chorale’s charismatic former artistic director — returns for TCC’s 35th anniversary concert ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor How fun is this?” Tim Seelig grins from his home in San Francisco. “I didn’t know we would get this opportunity again!” [...]

Nice buns

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 6:15am

… But it’s what’s in between that gives Rodeo Goat its kick ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor I don’t usually offer up a full-length review two weeks after a restaurant opens, but I made an exception for Rodeo Goat for two reasons: First, because it is across the street from my office and has [...]

Win the office pool!

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 at 6:00am

The Oscar nominated animated, live action and doc shorts begin their runs There’s never been much of a commercial market for short films, unless you count the cartoons lucky enough to claim a spot before certain animated films or documentaries that HBO picks up for later broadcast. But shorts are some of the most interesting [...]

Billy Masters • 01-30-15

Posted on 29 Jan 2015 at 11:30pm

Even in death, Whitney creates buzz While I was in Fort Lauderdale, John Travolta was chatting up a stranger in a Planet Fitness in Ocala, Fla. At 3 a.m., Justin Jones thought he’d work out in an empty gym when a familiar-looking bald man approached him (coincidentally, I met Kirby in kind of a gym). [...]

Best Bets • 01-30-15

Posted on 29 Jan 2015 at 11:10pm

Friday 01.30 ‘Everest’ premiere at Dallas Opera Dallas Opera continues its season with two mountaintop works — one, the fourth act of the classic La Wally, is set in the Alps, but the second is a world premiere work about the doomed Mt. Everest expedition of 1996. The amazing set (and bearish climbers) is just [...]

International Film Critics name ‘Boyhood’ best film of last 2 years

Posted on 28 Jan 2015 at 8:18am

International Film Critics name ‘Boyhood’ best film, director, supporting actress of last 2 years

Drive-by tasting: Yolk

Posted on 23 Jan 2015 at 11:44am

A first look at Yolk in One Arts Plaza … following its disastrous opening

Pet of the week • 01-16-15

Posted on 23 Jan 2015 at 7:55am

Meet Austin. Austin is a purebred Longhair Dachshund. He is very handsome and will make an awesome new companion and best friend. Austin is a loving little boy and his loves going on walks. Take a little time to visit Austin and show him what a loving home is all about. Austin and other pets [...]