Sleepy genius

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 at 5:00pm

Mike Hadreas — aka Perfume Genius — has grown into an ethereal messenger since 2010’s Learning. Touching on themes that can apply to anyone, Hadreas is both a beacon of hope and a teller of dreamy tales on his new CD, Put Your Back N 2 It (Matador Records). Hadreas starts the album on a sleepy, [...]

Romancing the tune

Posted on 09 Feb 2012 at 5:02pm

Serenading a lover always works for out singer Nancy Beaudette RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer Nancy Beaudette is ahead of her time. Literally. Feb. 14 isn’t until next week, but Beaudette and her girlfriend have already celebrated Valentine’s Day: A gift exchange, a relaxed morning in the hot tub and a long walk on [...]

2011 Year in Review: Concerts

Posted on 29 Dec 2011 at 5:00pm

The ladies ran the world this year — or at least the concert stage, whether dives or arenas. 1. Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae (Verizon Theatre). These two crashed the venue with the year’s most amazing live performances. Monae, in all her spastic glory, ran across the stage and into the audience, proving why she [...]

Musical ornaments

Posted on 15 Dec 2011 at 5:00pm

Queer music faves decorate the concert landscape this week This is one of those weeks that really speaks to LGBT music lovers, with live music options across the spectrum — from choral to techno and some local indies in between. Clearly, Dallas is on Santa’s “nice” list. — Rich Lopez Moby The electronica superstar comes [...]

Nobody does it Eder

Posted on 08 Dec 2011 at 5:02pm

Broadway diva Linda Eder talks of her longevity … and her drag queen imitators RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer The earliest evidence of what Linda Eder would become is available, of course, on YouTube: A video of Eder, maybe 19 or 20, singing Melissa Manchester’s “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” at the 1980 [...]

Blonde ambitious

Posted on 03 Nov 2011 at 6:56pm

The Sounds lead singer Maja Ivarsson (sort of) swears off women and focuses on music greatness RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer Let’s get one thing out of the way: Maja (pronounced like Maya) Ivarsson has mentioned time and again that she will “never date another girl.” This isn’t breaking news, but the media is [...]

Show vs. Show

Posted on 27 Oct 2011 at 5:01pm

In this installment of Show vs. Show, we take a look at two bands both welcome at any party. It’s the battle of young and not-so-young as The B-52s bring out their campy tunes and CSS turn on their Brazilian beats for Dallas audiences. Despite a healthy discography, we might always know The B-52s for [...]

The new guys

Posted on 20 Oct 2011 at 5:02pm

The Turtle Creek Chorale bounces back with a new management team but the same commitment to being forever turtle ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor David Fisher hadn’t even started his first day on the job as the new executive director of the Turtle Creek Chorale last summer when the word came down: The [...]

BIG Lang theory

Posted on 06 Oct 2011 at 5:00pm

K.D. Lang, on her new CD, Lady Gaga and her burgeoning butchness K.D. Lang is manning up, thanks to the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other sexpots of pop who shoot whipped cream from their chests and ride disco sticks. The longtime gay activist, who turns 50 in November, made a rebellious decision to [...]

Silver foxes

Posted on 22 Sep 2011 at 5:02pm

Over a quarter-century, Erasure has grown from pop wunderkinds to senior statesmen A LOTTA RESPECT º Andy Bell, left, and Vince Clarke of Erasure have earned their places as music legends and queer icons, but look forward with a refreshed sound and tour that hits Dallas on Sunday. RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer ……………. [...]