Best Bets • 10-10-14

Posted on 09 Oct 2014 at 11:10pm

Monday 10.13 With the expiration of the Wright Amendment, the Gayborhood’s Love Field will transform It will probably be the biggest change in the Oak Lawn area since Mary Thumb was torn down and the ilume stepped in, and it’s been 40 years in the making: The expiration of the Wright Amendment that limited long-haul [...]

Best Bets • 10-03-14

Posted on 03 Oct 2014 at 1:41pm

Friday 10.03 Saturday 10.04 Sunday 10.05 Dallas Southern Pride gets its mojo moving Did you think Pride was over in North Texas? Sorry, no. Not only does Tarrant County celebrate its Pride this weekend, so does South Dallas, with Pride events aimed at the LGBT black community. Events (themed around All Gold Everything) are broken into [...]

Best Bets • 09-26-14

Posted on 25 Sep 2014 at 11:15pm

Monday 09.29 ‘Hands on a Hard Body’ opens at T3 Doug Wright is the man who wrote a solo play about a transgender East German, a musical about the Beales of Grey Gardens and even one about legless mermaids, so adapting a documentary about a contest to see who can touch a pickup truck the longest [...]

Best Bets • 09-19-14

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 at 11:10pm

Saturday 09.20 DJ Patrick Kuzara spinning Pride weekend Adore Delano may be the featured entertainment at the Red Party Friday, but she’ll be join at the event by New York DJ Patrick Kuzara. If you aren’t able to catch him there, however, there’s another chance to see him spin. Kuzara joins DJ Casey Alva at the Dick’s After [...]

Best Bets • 09-12-14

Posted on 11 Sep 2014 at 11:10pm

Saturday 09.13 Sunday 09.14 Bruce Wood Dance Project continues with 2 shows I recently attended a rehearsal of Lovett+More, the latest production from the Bruce Wood Dance Project. As soon as the dancers began to move to the steps of the late Texas choreographer, I teared up. I remembered the first time I saw the [...]

Best Bets • 09-05-14

Posted on 04 Sep 2014 at 10:30pm

Friday 09.05 TeCo launches inaugural Play Pride LGBT Festival competition Think of it as a cage match for creatives, or an intellectual’s American Idol. Six playwrights, pictured above, each wrote a short play with gay themes, chose a local non-profit organization as its beneficiary and have at it in a weeklong battle of the boys. [...]

Best Bets • 08-29-14

Posted on 28 Aug 2014 at 11:10pm

Wednesday 09.03 Urie sells Babs in ‘Buyer & Cellar’ Dallas’ Michael Urie, whom we profiled in the recent Applause issue of Dallas Voice, makes his professional stage debut in North Texas in his off-Broadway one-man show, set in Barbra Streisand’s famed basement of collectibles. DEETS: City Performance Hall 2420 Flora St. Sept. 3–6. Friday 08.29 [...]

Best Bets • 08-22-14

Posted on 21 Aug 2014 at 11:10pm

Friday 08.22 Time to Panic! … at South Side Ballroom Brendon Urie, the queer-friendly frontman for the band Panic! at the Disco, will give you a chance to panic at a disco yourself … or at least, a ballroom, as the band shows up in The Cedars Friday for The Gospel Tour, in support of [...]

Best Bets • 08-15-14

Posted on 14 Aug 2014 at 11:10pm

Friday 08.15 Thriller ‘Wait Until Dark’ jumps out at you at CTD It was one of the signature thrillers of the 1960s — the film version of Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn, about a blind woman terrorized by shady villains in her Greenwich Village apartment. But before it was a movie, it was a tense [...]

Best Bets • 08-08-14

Posted on 07 Aug 2014 at 11:10pm

Monday 08.11 Fashion icon Diana Vreeland comes to life at ‘Full Gallop’ She was the legendary fashion editor at Harper’s for a quarter of a century, and even led Vogue for a decade B.W. (Before Wintour), but you may not know Diana Vreeland as well as you may like. That can change with Full Gallop, [...]