Executive Order vs ENDA? It’s a mixed bag either way.

Posted on 20 Jun 2014 at 8:15am

Our movement for equality has been working to gain passage of meaningful nationwide workplace protections for LGBT Americans for decades now, and while we’ve made some gains in a few states and municipalities, the goal of a federal law that includes us once and for all has seemed perpetually out of reach. So now comes [...]

Texas Republican leadership failed us all, not just gay community

Posted on 13 Jun 2014 at 7:45am

Despite progress, coming out as a Republican rivals coming out as gay — and it shouldn’t anymore One of the hardest times in my life was when I came out.  I had lots of friends who loved me and accepted me, but how could I know if they would love and accept me when a [...]

You either go down on a woman or you don’t

Posted on 06 Jun 2014 at 8:15am

Notes on the value of cunnilingus — from someone with experience “Sweetheart, that’s all very nice. But if you’re not going to eat pussy, you’re not a dyke,” a lesbian character on Sex and the City famously tells Charlotte, who, upon being asked if she’s a lesbian has answered that she is not, but loves the “company” [...]

If I haven’t pissed someone off, I’m not doing my job

Posted on 30 May 2014 at 7:40am

Last week, we tried something new. We did a photo issue — The Swimsuit Edition. It was fun. It was summery. We hoped to attract some new readers. We certainly did attract some new advertisers, and we brought back some advertisers who hadn’t been in the paper in awhile. Welcome back! And we expected criticism. [...]

I’ll see you in court, Oprah

Posted on 23 May 2014 at 7:00am

Shocked is an understatement. This morning I checked Twitter, and it’s all over the globe that Oprah is denying I will succeed her as queen … I mean king … of the talk show world. What? I threw off my Spiderman comforter, hurried to the computer and went into damage-control mode. Good thing I was [...]

The evolving Voice of our community

Posted on 16 May 2014 at 7:12am

A letter from the publisher of Dallas Voice Between 1984 and today, the way we communicate has advanced in ways we could barely have imagined  just a few decades ago. Technology has evolved from rotary phones to smartphones, and savvy media companies have quickly adapted to harness the potential that grows each time a social [...]

It’s a bad week to be a bigot

Posted on 16 May 2014 at 6:50am

From music to sports to marriage equality, gay issues took on tremendous visibility this week Three different examples of the continued march toward equality happened this week from shockingly different corners of American society and around the world. Unless you live under a rock, (and hey, if you do, how does that actually work?) you’ve [...]

Gays in the South need an ENDA

Posted on 02 May 2014 at 7:35am

Mayor Earl Bullard of Latta, S.C. fires lesbian police chief for being lesbian, because in 28 states, including Texas, there aren’t protections Here’s a hypothetical situation for you: Let’s say you’ve been the mayor for less than a year of a little town in South Carolina called Latta. We’re talking 1,400 people, so everybody is [...]

DMN: Welcome to the party (P.S. Took you long enough)

Posted on 25 Apr 2014 at 6:45am

Dear Dallas Morning News, I noted with interest your launch, earlier this week, of LGBTQ Blog, your still-difficult-to-find online column dedicated to gay voices. (How much did the consultants charge you to come up with such a catchy name?) To this, I say, “Bravo!” But as an editor for a publication nearing its 30th anniversary [...]

At least I’m not a lumberjack like my great-grandfather

Posted on 18 Apr 2014 at 7:55am

Apparently the only thing worse than what I’m doing right now is chopping down trees. I guess bad career moves run in my family   According to CareerCast, out of 200 jobs, newspaper reporter ranks 199, just ahead of lumberjack at 200. The website used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile its [...]