For anyone who thinks everyone is OK with gay rights by now…

Over the weekend in Knoxville, Tenn., a gunman began shooting patrons of a church during a children’s production of “Annie.” The parish was a member of the Unitarian-Universalist Church, which is known for its liberal views, including support for gay rights — this congregation included.

Now comes word the city’s chief of police says the shooter’s motivation was a hatred for liberals.

Lovely. I’m keeping my office door closed from now on. инструменты копирайтерабаннерная реклама москва

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

And the winner of "The Next Food Network Star" is…

As you probably know by now, Lisa Garza of Dallas’ Suze restaurant was in the final three of the Food Network competition series. So did she win?


Aaron won. Bad choice, but oh well! At least you read it here first… unless you logged onto the Food Network’s Web site last week and found out early. cheat-na-dengiсоздание веб сайтов цена

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Scratch your ballot!

They might not have to right to vote — mostly because few of them live to age 18 — but dogs and cats can still let their politics be known. What presidential candidate does your pet support: Bark Obama or John McCanine? You can vote (and shop) here.meganakrutkaзаполнение сайта контентом

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Jay Brannan’s Dallas doc

Hottie musician-actor Jay Brannan played The Loft last Saturday. He made a nifty little film about his experience in Big D, which included a stop at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner. Check it.продвижение в топ 10 яндекса

—  Dallasvoice

Pistol-packin' Sally


Anti-gay Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern is back in the headlines — this time for trying to carry a loaded pistol into the Sooner State Capitol.

Kern became notorious for shooting off her mouth earlier this year after the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund made public an audio clip of the legislator ranting about gays and lesbians, saying among other things that gays are a bigger threat to the country than terrorists.

She complained about getting death threats from irate gays after the audio clip, and later a video that included Kern’s audio, was publicized. But she claims that she made a habit of carrying around a loaded gun long before that controversy ever erupted.

Kern has a permit to carry the gun, a .38 caliber semi-automatic, and this is the second time she has headed for the Capitol building with it. In June, apparently, she made it past security with the gun in her purse, and then, when she realized it was there, she said, she reported it to security.

No charges were filed because, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials, there was no “malicious intent.” At least not where the handgun was concerned. Now her anti-gay rants — that’s another matter.

Go here to read the AP story.siteрепутация компании

—  admin

You can't say we didn't see this coming…

As expected, Steven Daigle got the boot tonight during the second week of “Big Brother.” Why do the cute ones always go first?сайтрекламы для сайта

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Kathy Griffin thinks I'm 'cute'?


The gay dudes who write for Quick are jealous. Not too long ago, I interviewed Kathy Griffin. And because Quick requested a phoner and wasn’t granted one, they feel dissed. In today’s column, they assumed that they weren’t as “cute” as me, and that’s why they didn’t score a chit-chat.

Just so y’all know, La Griffin has never laid eyes on my fugly puss. Like every other dorky journalist , I simply request an interview whenever Kathy’s available. The June 5 interview was granted via Bravo publicity for the premiere of her newest season.

Looks like ticket sales are pretty good for Saturday’s gig. I requested another interview but never heard back. (Or maybe Kathy just doesn’t approve of my new summer hairdo.)

BUT! If y’all want to ask Kathy some questions, she’s hosting for Larry King on Friday night, and she’s taking questions on сайтинтернет реклама поисковое продвижение сайта

—  Dallasvoice

Sale at Zeus


Happy anniversary Richard Neale, pictured. The gay owner of Zeus Toys and Comics is celebrating his shop’s 8th year.

There are a lot of sales priced at $8: comics, posters, DVDs.

And to celebrate, they’re serving cake.

Zeus, 878 Oaklawn Ave, Suite 100E. 214.219.TOYSrpg mobile gamesуслуги по продвижению сайтов

—  Dallasvoice

Tuesday's protest was a hot tranny mess!


Honey, last night’s protest on Fitzhugh Avenue was fierce. The transgender community and supporters demonstrated their disapproval at Crews Inn who asked drag queens and trans women to leave the bar on a recent Tuesday night.

About 20 protesters marched and carried picket signs (some featured the pink triangle NOT upside down) along the Fitzhugh sidewalk beneath the glow of the Royal Liquor Beer & Wine sign.

While patrons attempted to enter Crews Inn, the protesters would scream at them, “No! Don’t go in there! Crews Inn discriminates!”


—  Dallasvoice

Steven, we hardly knew ye


Well, Steven Daigle, the gay Dallas rodeo champ currently on “Big Brother,” might not be on the show much longer. Not that it has come as a surprise to his sister, Lisa Sturgeon. (Daigle is on the far left in a photo taken a  the Black Tie Dinner; Sturgeon is in the center.)

“They are ahead of the primetime shows [on the 24-hour feed] so we knew Steve was on the block a few days ago,” she says. “So I stopped watching.”

Which means that during tonight’s live eviction, it will come down to Steve or Dan, the surprisingly open-minded Catholic school teacher who admits he’s not as strong a player as his Texas competition.

So it’s looking likely that the stronger houseguests might be the ones with the targets on their backs. Not that Sturgeon understands why people are out to get him.

“If you watch the diary room episode with Libra, it just proved everything we were saying about how well she’s playing this game. She plays the innocent but behind the scenes she’s working everyone,” Sturgeon says.

There’s always hope Daigle might survive yet – loyalties change on a dime in this game, and evicted housemates have been known to make surprise returns. But Sturgeon is sanguine about it all.

“If I look at the entire game, I have to say I’m very proud of my brother. He’s one of the few who has kept his word.”реклама на моем автосделать сайт цена

—  Arnold Wayne Jones