Last chance to help bring Soulforce to DFW

Just got another update from Soulforce on their Equality Ride. Turns out, they have only a few more minutes to raise an additional $10,000. Remember, three of their stops would be in North Texas this year, at Dallas Baptist University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Assemblies of God University. So it seems to me that if the ride is postponed, Dallas has more to lose than any other city. Here’s the update, sent at 2:10 p.m.

Less Than One Hour to Go — $10,253 Left to Raise

Since our email alert was sent out earlier today, we have raised $19,747. We still need another $10,253 to reach $30,000 — the amount we must have by 4pm EST TODAY in order to avoid postponing the 2008 Equality Ride.поисковое продвижение гугл

—  John Wright

Equality Ride in need of fuel

Last week I wrote about Soulforce’s annual Equality Ride, which is scheduled to make its inaugural visit to North Texas this year. Well now it appears the whole bus tour is in danger of being postponed due to a lack of funding. Here is the e-mail I received from Soulforce:

Equality Ride at a Critical Point — Your Help is Urgently Needed to Avoid Postponing the Ride!

Folks, due to the economic chaos in the country and subsequent downturn, the Equality Ride is in danger of not getting on the road. Several of our major funding sources have dried up. We absolutely have to raise $30,000 by 4pm EST TODAY or the ride is postponed. This would be a huge disappointment to the LGBT students who are looking forward to our arrival.

The Equality Ride is the signature program of the Soulforce young adults. It saves lives and opens minds. Of the 55 colleges and universities already visited, we’ve seen significant progress made in the official policies of several schools.

Nearly twenty schools have formed Gay-Straight Alliances and created “Safe Zones” for LGBT students. LGBT students have begun to come out of their closets to their friends, professors and families in order to live whole and complete lives.

Your support is urgently needed. Can you make a generous donation TODAY to get the Equality Ride bus rolling?как раскрутить сайт в яндекс

—  John Wright

The debate

I was just wondering: How many of you guys are planning on watching the presidential debate on Friday?

What about the vice presidential debate on Oct. 3?

Who do you expect to “win” these debates?plusmo.orgкак раскрутить газету

—  admin

Happy Bisexuality Day!

Word came this morning from our friends as DFW Bi-Net that Tuesday, Sept. 23 is actually Bisexuality Day. To celebrate, the group is holding a pot luck dinner at the Resource Center, starting at 7 p.m. Admission is $5 or a dish to share. (Why am I not surprised that bisexuals enjoy pot luck buffets over a la carte?)online gamesанализ посещаемости

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Buy her a toaster: Lindsay comes out!


Last night, Lindsay Lohan called into Loveline to talk to about the plane crash involving Travis Barker and DJ AM, a pal of Samantha Ronson, Lilo’s girlfriend.

Radio host Ted Stryker asked, ” Now, you guys, you and Samantha have been going out for how long now? Like two years? One year? Five months? Two months?”

Lindsay said, “A long … a very long time.”

You can listen to it here. Paydirt at the 6:30 mark: [audio:Loveline Show_ 2008-09-21.mp3]siteстатистика ключевых слов на гугл

—  Dallasvoice

McCain's chief of staff is outed

Michael Rogers over at has just posted a piece outing Mark Buse, chief of staff for Sen. John McCain, and presenting Buse with the “Roy Cohn Award” for “working against the interests of the lesbian and gay community while living as a gay man.” Read about it here.

And Michaelangelo Signorile over at The Gist has also just put up a post that also outs Buse, but is based on different sources from Rogers’ story. Signorile talks to Buse’s ex. Go here to read Signorile’s “Hypocrisy Bombshell.”warfacebestcheatsyandex директ цены

—  admin

More Pride photos

I too was near the tail end of the route, but the advantage was we found a parking spot only a block away (I think it was even legal) and we had front-row seats on the big high curb. I know, I sound old, but my feets is tired! Anyhow, I’ve tried to avoid duplicating Bryan’s shots below, but a few of mine are after the jump.

—  John Wright

Has Uptown Players entered presidential politics?


Uptown Players’ next show, “Legends,” is a play best-known as a showcase for certain ageing glamour queens (most recently a tour starred Joan Collins and Linda Evans). Uptown has put a twist on it, casting two cross-dressing men, B.J. Cleveland and Coy Covington, in the lead roles.

But we were looking at the poster for the show today, and if you squint just a little, the twosome look less like Alexis and Krystal Carrington, and a whole lot more like two other women of note: Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain. Don’t you see it?

Founding producer Craig Lynch denies the intention. True or not, we certainly don’t believe it’s meant as any kind endorsement.bitcoinlabпластиковые окна реклама

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Picture perfect Pride

What an incredible Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. The 25th annual procession was colorful and kick-ass. I was with my old doggies, so we sat in the shade near the corner of Cedar Springs at Bowen — the tail end of the route. But the energy was still going way strong. Here are some snapshots, photographed by Bryan Amann.



4001.jpgнастройка контекстной рекламысамостоятельная регистрация сайта в каталогах

—  Dallasvoice

Crying sexist wolf?

Last Friday, Dallas Voice ran a news analysis piece, by Lisa Keen, on the race for president. Just kind of a wrap-up of recent happenings. (read it here.)

Part of the lengthy piece was about Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and reports that she attempted, while she was a city council member and later mayor in Wasilla, Alaska, to have a gay-positive book banned from the city library there.

Well, when I got to the office this morning, I had a message from a woman, identifying herself as a Democrat and a biracial person, who basically said we are a bunch sexist suck monkeys for printing such vicious lies about Mrs. Palin. And, she said, because of coverage like this, she is going to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, even though she is a Hillary supporter.

There are just SO MANY things I could say in response. But I don’t really have space here to get into all that. What I will say, though, is that I am truly sick and tired of all these allegations of sexism against Sarah Palin. It’s ridiculous!

Folks, it is not sexist simply to be critical of a person’s politics. Get a dictionary. Look up what the word “sexism” actually means!

Think about it: If anybody says one word critical of Palin or her politics, the Republican machine rises up, points its long finger and declares in a thunderous voice: “SEXISM!’ It reminds me of those days after President Bush ordered our troops to invade Iraq. If anyone had the temerity to question the war, the president or his policies in any way, they were accused of being unpatriotic.

This kind of “you are either with us or you are evil” demagoguery is the same kind manipulation used by those who attacked the U.S. on 9-11 to stir their followers into fanaticism. It is a tactic that attempts to silence any voice of dissent. It requires everyone to walk in lock-step with the powers that be or face retribution. And it is dangerous, no matter what the cause.vzlomat-whatsapp.comпродвижение сайтов гугл

—  admin