Exxon protests set for Friday

Posted on 13 May 2010 at 4:52pm


Mark Reed of GetEQUAL reports that activists are moving ahead with planned protests outside three local ExxonMobil stations on Friday afternoon. The protests are designed to draw attention to Irving-based ExxonMobil’s anti-gay employment policies, as well as the need for passage of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

“Everything is looking good,” Reed said in an e-mail Thursday afternoon. “We have reached out to the 80 confirmed [Facebook] guests. It’s hard to tell how many will actually show up. We will have a police officer at each location. We will have signs available and T-shirts. As long as we stay on the sidewalk, we are perfectly legal. The tie-up-the-pump is something that will morph at the scene depending on the numbers that show up for the event.”

“Tie-up-the-pump” is a possible effort to have people in their cars purchase a very small amount of gas and take a very long time to pump it. The idea is that this will cost the stations money. Remember, GetEQUAL activists have demonstrated that they’re willing to get arrested to make a statement, so things could get interesting.

And if nothing else, they’ve come up with some really nice graphics like the ones above and below, so it’s probably worth stopping by just for a T-shirt. More on Facebook.


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