Former surgeon general Joycelyn Elders: legalize pot

Posted on 18 Oct 2010 at 6:44pm

Ahead of her time, as she was when it came to Christine O’Donnell’s favorite topic, masturbation. I’m sure there will be eruptions again, for obvious reasons.

The trend-setting state of California is voting next month on a ballot initiative to legalize pot, also known as Proposition 19. The measure would legalize recreational use in the state, though federal officials have said they would continue to enforce drug laws in California if the initiative is approved.

“What I think is horrible about all of this, is that we criminalize young people. And we use so many of our excellent resources … for things that aren’t really causing any problems,” said Elders. “It’s not a toxic substance.”

…”We have the highest number of people in the world being criminalized, many for non-violent crimes related to marijuana,” said Elders. “We can use our resources so much better.”

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