Fort Worth rodeo director insists he wasn't advocating violence against anyone

Posted on 13 Oct 2009 at 10:38am
Hub Baker
Hub Baker

As I predicted below, Hub Baker says his comments to NBC 5 concerning Queer LiberAction’s upcoming kiss-in at the Stockyards on Saturday are being taken out of context. Baker, the longtime executive director of the Fort Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo, says he wasn’t advocating violence against anyone when he suggested that “maybe they [the QL demonstrators] need to get a good whipping.”

“I was talking about cowboys and the way they raise their kids,” Baker told me this morning. “I was saying that if a child steps out of line, we give them a whipping. I wasn’t talking about whipping anybody who is gay or lesbian or anything like that. It wasn’t meant that way, because everybody’s welcome in the Fort Worth Stockyards.”

Baker said although he’s concerned that the Kiss-In is intended merely to stir up trouble, he doesn’t really have a problem with people kissing in public — gay or straight — as long as it doesn’t become lewd.

“Manners are manners, man, whether you’re a cowboy or gay or lesbian or a Republican or a Democrat,” he said. “That’s not public stuff anyhow as far as I’m concerned. I kiss my wife at home. I just happen to be a straight dude and like women.”создание визитокреклама добавить сайт

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