Full list of World Gay Rodeo champions

Posted on 23 Oct 2012 at 11:47am

Below are the champions from the 26th World Gay Rodeo Finals held in Fort Worth this past weekend:

Calf Roping on Foot:
Carla Bryant, OGRA
Drew Oberbeck, GSGRA

Steer Decorating
Kelly Peebles, NMGRA
Marco Terrazas, NMGRA

Mounted Break-Away Roping
Brittany Bailey, TGRA
Marty Williams, SSRA

Team Roping
Greg Begay, NMGRA
Marcus Begay, NMGRA

Junior Bull Riding
Russell Schnitz, RRRA

Goat Dressing
Kirk Carter, RRRA
David Renier, RRRA

Chute Dogging
Cindy Berner-Schlichte, IAGRA
Brian Helander, NMGRA

Pole Bending
Doreen Rue, RRRA
Daryll Kessler, RRRA

Wild Drag Race
John Beck, CGRA
Mary Arbuckle, OGRA
Randy Edlin, TGRA

Barrel Racing
Trenda Monnahan, OGRA
Richard Moore, OGRA

Flag Race
Candy Pratt, RRRA
Charlie Colella, RRRA

Bull Riding
Russell Schnitz, RRRA

All-Around Cowgirl
Trenda Monnahan, OGRA

All-Around Cowboy
David Renier, RRRA

In addition, the IGRA Royalty Competition was held this past weekend with the following winners:

Miss IGRA 2013: Sabel D’Zyre, NGRA
Miss IGRA 2013 1st Runner-Up: Laine Weston, MGRA

Mr. IGRA 2013: Frank Thompson, OGRA
Mr. IGRA 2013 1st Runner-Up: John Beck, CGRA
Mr. IGRA 2013 2nd Runner-Up: Curtiss Lewis, NGRA

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