Gay Texan may be last villain on 'Law & Order'

Posted on 24 May 2010 at 1:41pm
Ash Christian
Ash Christian

It was a bit stunning earlier this month when NBC announced unceremoniously it was canceling “Law & Order” after an amazing, record-tying 20 seasons as the longest-running primetime drama series, along with “Gunsmoke.” Well, the final guy to die on “Gunsmoke” was famously Gary Busey; it may be that the final bad guy ever on “L&O” will be Ash Christian.

Ash is an actor and director who was born and raised in Paris, Texas. He debuted with “Fat Girls,” which was a festival hit, and is in post on his second directorial effort, “Mangus and, if the episode plays out as hoped, he could also be one of the final actors to appear on “L&O.”

I’ll be TiVo’ing it. Maybe Ash could become the next Busey … you know, with an Oscar nomination, not horrific mug shots and embarrassing character parts into his dotage.

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