Glen Maxey’s Rainbow Report: about 200 counties issuing marriage licenses

Posted on 01 Jul 2015 at 11:14am
Glen Maxey

Glen Maxey

Just found this the Facebook page of Glen Maxey, the first openly-LGBT person elected to the Texas House of Representatives who now works in Austin as a lobbyist. It appears to have been posted Tuesday evening, June 30:

“So we had a great 48 hours here across Texas. Close to 200 counties issuing marriage licenses. About another 50 mumbling about forms (you can download them) or programming systems, but they are trying mighty hard to be ready if any queers show up.

“We have three ‘hell no, I’m with Jesus’ counties left: Kimble (Junction), Libscombe (on the top edge of Texas mostly in Okahoma) and Hardin in deep East Texas. If you happen to want to get married, and want to do something for the cause, plan a day trip to any of these hell holes and apply for a license so we can sue them. Plaintiffs needed, please.

“Bell had refused Monday, but folded when lawsuit was suggested. Then we found Jon and Jason going to San Saba this morning. Clerk folded. Last thing today found plaintiffs to sue the hateful clerk in Hood County. And now she’s folded. Will issue licenses in the morning. Our lawyers are getting frustrated that nobody has the guts to claim religious exemption when they are personally gonna get their butt sued and have to pay lawyers fee in the thousands when we win.”

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