Will Lanier becomes (sexy) poster boy for Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on 10 Mar 2015 at 12:40pm

IMG_0299Will Lanier has endured a roller coaster life the past few years. The former Dallasite, who founded Bar 10 (known for its hunky shirtless bartenders, sometimes including Lanier himself), moved to NYC a few years back and then fell ill from colon cancer, which has put him in and out of the hospital as recently as a few months back. But he’s a never-say-never type of guy, and his fight against the disease has landed him as a poster boy for Colon Cancer Awareness Month (i.e., March). His sexy photo (and those of others, which you can see here) and a profile of Lanier himself will be featured in the April edition of Muscle and Fitness magazine. That’s great. But the really good news is still having Lanier around.

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