Laura Bush Facebook campaign isn't creator's 1st good deed on behalf of gay community

Posted on 19 May 2010 at 1:56pm
David Ethridge
David Ethridge

OK, so we’re officially beating this Laura Bush Facebook gay Pride campaign to death. But since it continues to remain totally viral, I couldn’t resist sharing this note I received today from creator David Ethridge. Here’s what he said:

“More than anything, I created the page as an outlet for myself and a few friends (OK, and to partially justify my addiction to Facebook). It didn’t really occur to me that it would receive this much attention.

“If Mrs. Bush is really serious about being on the right side of history, and supporting marriage equality, I wanted to be the first to stretch out my hand and welcome her. Now it seems there are several hundred others lined up right behind me.”

Also, it occurred to me a while ago that this isn’t Ethridge’s first good deed on behalf of the LGBT community.  Back in October, Ethridge risked his life to help apprehend a suspect in a string of armed robberies in Oak Lawn. What next, Superman?реклама на сайте от яндекса

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