Obama endorses EBJ for re-election

Posted on 23 Nov 2015 at 9:14am
U.S. Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson

U.S. Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson

In his first endorsement of the 2016 election season, President Barack Obama has endorsed Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson for her 13th term in office.

In a statement, Obama wrote:

Eddie Bernice Johnson has demonstrated exemplary service in the U.S.┬áCongress representing the people of Texas’ 30th Congressional District. I’ve been proud to work with Congresswoman Johnson to grow the economy through investments in transportation, science, innovation, technology, and trade. Together, we have extended the security of health care to working families in North Texas, and fought for a cleaner environment for all our kids. Her experience is necessary to ensure that we continue on a path of creating jobs, closing the income gap and reforming the government for the 21st century – all with the hope to create better opportunities for Americans from all walks of life.

Congresswoman Johnson is somebody who gets up every day, and works hard to improve the lives of her constituents. That’s her priority. She has the right vision of what America ought to be and she is putting us on the right path to move forward. I am proud to stand with Congresswoman Johnson and support her re-election.

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