Oscar post no. 2

Posted on 07 Mar 2010 at 8:33pm

• Again, the predictable win for animated feature went to Up, and Pete Docter, whom I met and interviewed last year, accepted. So maybe shaking my hand was the luck he needed. Jus’ sayin’.

• Cameron Diaz goes 2 for 2, saying “the winner is” instead of “the Oscar goes to.” Love it. Then Amanda Seyfried does the same. Is this the new trend?

• Texan T-Bone Burnett (bred in Fort Worth) wins best song along side a terribly sexy co-writer. (Burnett’s Wikipedia bio declares him an “Oscar winner” within 45 seconds of his win.) The decision not to re-perform all the nominated songs and do the song early is the smartest decision the Oscars have made in ages.

• The introductions of the best picture nominees is done smartly and sincerely.

• Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. have the sassiest exchange.

• I accurately defy the predictions and pick Marl Boal for best original screenplay over the favorite, Quentin Tarantino.

• The ceremony moves really fast. Me groovin’ on the format.

• Molly Ringwald looks weird. She needs a gay man to show her how to dress for a night out. Brat packer tribute phalanx? Bizarre… Judd Nelson looks like Trotsky. But the whole tribute to John Hughes seems slightly out of place in light of the many celebs who died last year who really were legendary filmmakers.якт ру объявленияподдержка сайта тарифы

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