Oscar post no. 5 (final)

Posted on 07 Mar 2010 at 11:01pm

• In 18 awards, I have correctly predicted 14 so far.

• Gay filmmaker Pedro Almodovar co-presents the best foreign language film award, but Quentin Tarantino (who dropped out of high school) reads off the nominees, and pronounces “France” like some stuck-up debuttante. The winner is Argentina’s Secret in their Eyes.

• Colin Firth, nominated for playing a gay man in the year’s best film, is introduced by Julianne Moore in a salute to last year’s introductions. Like that. (Still, Jeff Bridges won and go the third standing O of the night. If Woody Harrelson had won, I can only imagine that every pot dealer in L.A. would be cleaned out.)

• Sandy looked genuinely stunned. A moving moment — and the fourth standing O.  She also gave a good shout-out to no prejudice against sexual orientation … and to “my lover Meryl Streep.” Try not to choke back a tear.

• Then the best director Oscar goes to Kathryn Bigelow. I bet now she’ll expect to be paid as much as a male director. (Kidding folks!)siteчастотность запросов гугл

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