WATCH: Mayor Mike Rawlings says ‘baloney,’ I say ‘malarkey’

Really? Standing up for civil rights is baloney? I think that’s malarkey.

SPEAKOUT POLL: Does the city of Dallas’ ‘It Gets Better’ video change your view of Mayor Mike Rawlings?

Should Mayor Mike Rawlings be booed during Sunday’s gay Pride parade?

In an op-ed in today’s Dallas Voice, GetEQUAL’s Daniel Cates notes that Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave $2,500 to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Annise Parker says Mike Rawlings ‘will eventually come around’ on same-sex marriage pledge

But Houston mayor says she’d be ‘shocked’ if Obama evolves on marriage equality before November

Here’s the pledge in support of same-sex marriage that Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings refuses to sign

Jackie Yodashkin at Freedom to Marry sends along word that the group has now posted a list of 74 of the mayors who’ve signed its pledge in support of same-sex marriage, as well as the text of the pledge itself. As many of us are painfully aware by now, the list doesn’t include Dallas’ Mike […]

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings won’t sign pledge in support of same-sex marriage

Dallas’ Mike Rawlings won’t join more than 70 mayors from across the country who’ve signed a pledge in support of same-sex marriage during this week’s U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, D.C. “The mayor does not plan to publicly support any social issues but would rather focus on the policy issues that impact Dallas,” […]

Mayor-elect Mike Rawlings says he ‘will try to be there’ for Monday’s LGBT Pride Month Reception

Mayor-elect Mike Rawlings UPDATE: Rawlings said the following in an email shortly after we posted this: “I’ll plan to be there unless [secretary] Sandy [Nelson] tells me I have a conflict. She will put it on my calendar.” ORIGINAL POST: It remains unclear whether Mayor-elect Mike Rawlings will attend an LGBT Pride Month Reception at […]

Mike Rawlings responds to DGLA’s warning during LGBT forum at Cathedral of Hope

Kunkle says warning not accurate portrayal of his runoff opponent; both candidates agree on most LGBT-specific issues CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO OF THE FORUM TAMMYE NASH | Senior Editor During an LGBT mayoral runoff forum held Tuesday night, candidate Mike Rawlings addressed the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance’s warning, in which the group […]

Couldn’t Ron Natinsky have waited for our forum on Tuesday to endorse Mike Rawlings?

Ron Natinsky Here’s the full press release that just came across from Ron Natinsky’s campaign: DALLAS (May 20, 2011) — After much consideration, Ron Natinsky today announced his endorsement of Mike Rawlings for Dallas mayor in the run-off election being held June 18. “Mike Rawlings is a visionary leader who has the skills to put […]

DGLA likely to endorse David Kunkle, as PAC chair stands behind warning about Mike Rawlings

Damien Duckett The Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance’s Political Action Committee is scheduled to meet Friday to consider re-endorsing in the mayor’s race, after DGLA-backed candidate Ron Natinsky finished third and failed to advance to the June 18 runoff. Damien Duckett, chair of the PAC, indicated that given DGLA’s previous “warning” against top vote-getter Mike […]