Pookz and Dz plan to school Dallas with their LGBT movement, 'Studology 101'

Posted on 20 Nov 2009 at 12:00pm
Pookz, left, and Dz are gonna school you.
Pookz, left, and Dz are gonna school you.

Pookz and Dz have may have already accomplished their goal. I wasn’t familiar with the term, “stud,” until just now. Come to find out, stud is defined by Kathy Belge on Lesbian Life as a “dominant lesbian, usually butch, often African American.” But I think the two young ladies who classify as studs intend a deeper education.

They have started Studology 101 as a way “to inform the world about the LGBT movement and exploit this lifestyle from ever aspect through opinionated and commonly asked topics in hope to demolish fear and rid the world of discrimination due to lack of education.” That was taken word for word from their Web site, by the way.

I’m not sure about the exploit part but I’m betting they have good intentions. They host a multimedia site tackling subjects that are of interest to gay youth in hopes of reaching an audience that will take a step closer to ending discrimination. Hey, we can get behind that.

I’m kind of digging their Intervention video. It runs a bit too long but humorous only because I know too many people like that.siteстимулирование сбыта статьи

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