RuPaul offers free listen of his latest RuMixes

Posted on 02 Jul 2009 at 9:07am
RuPaul gives it up for free.
RuPaul gives it up for free.

Just read a MySpace bulletin from RuPaul hawking his newest release “Jealous of my Boogie.” I got excited when he mentioned the words “17 tracks” and “free” in the same sentence. Turns out it’s 17 tracks off the single. The single, I said! “Jealous of My Boogie – The RuMixes” which dropped on Tuesday is really a small collection centered around nine remixes of the song. Mixes of “Cover Girl,” the “Drag Race” theme song and a selection of ring tones are also on the playlist.

If you head here though and sign up for an absolutely no strings free account, then all 17 tracks are available to you. Just remember, it’s a free listen, not a free download. Or do what I did – not sign up and still get to hear one mix of “Jealous” and then wax nostalgic with a “Supermodel” listen too.

The mix here is faithful to the single. For being a kitschy pop culture icon, Ru comes out with some substantial dance music that thrives because of its old school funk roots. Try not to hear a bit of The Gap Band in his chorus. Plus, his vocals are some of the few that benefit from the already tired Auto-Tune (think Cher’s “Believe”) trick.

Whether you need multiple mixes or just the one, “Jealous” should be a good jump start for the day.сайтпродвижение сайта по россии

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