Stonewall Dems pull out of fundraiser

Posted on 18 Jun 2009 at 5:43pm

According to Ben Smith over at, the National Stonewall Democrats are withdrawing their support for the big Democratic National Committee fundraiser next week featuring Vice President Joe Biden.

Smith includes a clip for an e-mail from the Stonewall board to Tom Petrillo, who runs the Democratic Party’s LGBT fundraising efforts. In it, the Stonewall folks explain that they are upset over recent and continuing policy slights by the Obama administration as well as the fact that they had been cut off from DNC funding for national gay Pride activities.

Go here to check out the full text of Stonewall’s e-mail and Petrillo’s response.

(Oh, and thanks to Hardy Haberman for the tip on this one. Check out his blog, too.)siteконтекстная реклама цена

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