So how did our out strongman do at the Ronnie Coleman Classic?

Posted on 04 May 2016 at 5:58pm

0615-flashThis week we ran a story about Jake Briscoe, the out athlete who was competing for the first-time ever last weekend in a bodybuilding/strongman competition in Fort Worth. Jake was just happy to make it to the competitive level — “winning” per se wasn’t the goal… but then again, who doesn’t want to win, even on your first time out?

There was no Cinderella story, however, for Jake … though he wasn’t exactly a wicked stepsister, either. He told writer Rich Lopez that out of 15 contestants, he came in 9th — a more-than-respectable showing, and certainly gratifying for all athletes who sacrifice to achieve something special.

And winning isn’t proof of greatness, anyway … I mean, look who’s winning the GOP presidential race…

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