Transgender Day of Remembrance – 2010

TDOR is this Saturday at most places around the world. This video is to give tribute to those who have lost their lives because of trans hate.

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Eddie Rabon Crowned 2010 Mr. Gay USA

Congratulations to Eddie Rabon, crowned Mr. Gay USA in Philadelphia last night. The Mr. Columbia takes the crown from 2009 winner Adam Boyles. Before the competition got underway, Village Voice columnist and pageant judge Michael Musto, who was joined by A-List: New York's Ryan and TJ, explained what he was looking for in a new Mr. Gay: "an intelligent and personable guy who happens to be good-looking, not the other way around. I want someone who can represent all gays by being an individual – someone with spunk, spirit and smarts worthy of our community's respect. And I will not allow any pandering or sexual favors!"


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HRC Participates in FotoWeek DC 2010

The Human Rights Campaign is proud to present artist Jeff Sheng’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” series as part of DC FotoWeek.  This solo exhibition is the first to feature the photographs and stories of more than sixty servicemen and woman currently affected by the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law; the law that requires gay, lesbian and bisexual service members to remain silent about who they are.

This exhibition is the culmination of Sheng’s travels across the United States to over 25 states during a two-year span from 2009-2010 to photograph the series.  Utilizing the Internet and social networking, he connected with all of his subjects through his artist website and online word of mouth.  The mutual trust formed in this process became crucial to the work: the service members counted on the artist not to reveal their actual identities.

HRC is excited to take part in this year’s FotoWeek DC, a weeklong event in Washington D.C. that celebrates the transformative power of photography through the exhibition of inspiring and provocative images, diverse programming and collaboration with the local and international community.

The exhibition at the HRC headquarters features twenty framed images, along with two artist books highlighting the portraits and individual stories of over sixty currently serving military personnel. The exhibit will be open to the public from Nov. 8 – 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at HRC headquarters; 1640 Rhode Island Ave NW. Additionally, HRC will host coffee with the artist Monday, Nov. 8 at noon, and take part in Night Gallery, during which Sheng’s images will be projected onto the exterior of the building, on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 5:30 p.m. Both events are open to the public.

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Gay Politics: Election Results 2010

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Election Night 2010 Open Thread: LGBT edition

UPDATE @ 10:03 PM: Worried about Rep. Patrick Murphy. Just got a report that he’s down 53% – 47% with 70% reporting. Ugh.

UPDATE @ 9:51 PM: Governor Deval Patrick won reelection in Massachusetts. Interesting that Patrick and his GOP opponent, Charlie Baker, are both pro-marriage.

UPDATE @ 9:39 PM: I’ve posted the TowleRoad election night chat in the post below this one, you can also find it here. Feel free to join in.

UPDATE @ 9:37 PM: Via Joe.My.God:

Barney Frank WINS! .@GOProud wasted K on Sean “Loser” Bielat! BWA HA HA HA!

UPDATE @ 9:28 PM: We’ll still have to hear David “DC Madam” Vitter spew his anti-gay rhetoric. He actually won reelection. Really, Louisiana? Wow.

UPDATE @ 9:13 PM: Via tweet from Nick Seaver, we learn “Pro-marriage equality Gov. O’Malley wins re-election, according to MSNBC”

UPDATE @ 9:10 PM: More good news from New York: Andrew Cuomo was elected Governor tonight over homophobe Paladino. Cuomo is pro-marriage equality.

BREAKING @ 9:02 PM: MSNBC just predicted that the GOP will take control of the U.S. House. GOP will hold 237 seats to 198 for the Dems. We’ll be dealing with Speaker Boehner. Also, Senator Gillibrand, one of our few champions in the Senate, was reelected.

UPDATE @ 8:11 PM: Republican Marc Rubio wins in Florida.

UPDATE @ 8:08 PM: There is some good news from New Hampshire. Governor John Lynch, who signed the marriage bill into law last year, was reelected. NOM put money in this race to defeat Lynch. Another #NOMFAIL.

UPDATE @ 8:04 PM: Some updates via MSNBC, in the Delaware Senate race, pro-marriage Democrat Chris Coons beat that whack job Christine O’Donnell. Unfortunately, in the New Hampshire Senate race, Kelly Ayotte, who not only opposes marriage but is against gay adoption, defeated pro-marriage equality Democrat Paul Hodes. Barbara Mikulski won in Maryland.

UPDATE @ 7:39 PM: So far, Republicans have won contested Senate seats in Kentucky with Rand Paul, Ohio with Rob Portman and Indiana with Dan Coats. Looking like Marco Rubio will prevail in Florida, but Manchin will probably hold West Virginia.

We’ve got an Election Night Open Thread going over at to update the results. We’ll be posting updates here, too. Polls closed in Indiana and Kentucky at 6:00 PM and just voting just stopped in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia at 7:00 PM. At 7:30 PM, polls close in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. We’ll update this poll with actual results when races are called — and we’ll be monitoring LGBT races, too.

The Victory Fund will be monitoring races with LGBT candidate at, where we just learned about the first LGBT victory of the night:

Kentucky’s second-largest city has elected an openly gay man as its next mayor. Vice-Mayor Jim Gray was victorious tonight in his second campaign for the city’s top job, beating incumbent Mayor Jim Newberry.


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GOProud’s 2010 endorsements…where are the individual-freedom-loving conservatives?

Submitted without comment because I know you all will have plenty to say about some of these outlandish picks. 

GOProud’s 2010 Endorsements and Recommendations


Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director – “We urge our members and allies to vote to bring conservative leadership to Washington, D.C.”


(Washington, D.C.) – Today, GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies, released their complete list of House and Senate endorsements, as well as Senate recommendations.  “We urge our members and allies to vote to bring conservative leadership to Washington, D.C.,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud.  “The men and women that GOProud is endorsing and recommending will help bring common-sense conservative solutions to the challenges facing gay Americans and the country as a whole.”


“There can be no freedom for gay and lesbian individuals and our families without economic freedom,” said Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the GOProud Board.  “Under the leadership of liberals in Washington, gay Americans – like all Americans – have suffered.  While the Democrats talk a good game when it comes to gay issues, their record speaks for itself.  On jobs and the economy, on taxes, on retirement security, and on healthcare the Democrats reign in Washington has been an absolute disaster for gay people.  If you are a gay person, or if you know someone who is gay or lesbian, I implore you to vote out Democrats tomorrow.”


In support of its endorsed candidates, GOProud has been airing a 30 second ad entitled “The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C.” (the ad can be seen here  “GOProud is incredibly proud of the work we have done on behalf of our endorsed candidates,” continued LaSalvia. 


The full list of GOProud endorsees:


For U.S. Senate – Carly Fiorina (R-CA) and Mark Kirk (R-IL)

For U.S. House – Sean Bielat (R-MA4), Richard Hanna (R-NY24), Mary Bono Mack (R-CA45), Charles Djou (R-HI1), and Dr. Joe Heck (R-NV3).


In addition to its list of endorsed candidates, today, GOProud unveiled its list of recommended candidates for the U.S. Senate.  This list, while by no means exhaustive, represents races where GOProud is strongly encouraging its members and allies to support these men and women.


The full list of GOProud recommendations for U.S. Senate:


Linda McMahon (R-CT), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Dino Rossi (R-WA) and Dr. Tom Coburn (R-OK)


“GOProud looks forward to working with a new conservative controlled House and Senate to pass tax reform, social security reform, healthcare reform and other important reforms that will improve the lives of all Americans – but especially gay and lesbian Americans,” concluded LaSalvia.


OK, just one non-LGBT comment – how can GOProud tout with a straight face

Womb Controller

 Tom Coburn as standing for the personal freedom that these conservatives attempt to sell to voters?


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BD Wong’s ‘It Gets Better’ video – and news about the 2010 Courage Awards

Blenders know I’m a big Law & Order: SVU fan. I am a big fan of BD Wong, and it was a privilege to meet him when I was honored, along with Bil Browning, Andy Towle and Joe Jervis, with the The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) Award in 2009.

We’ve seen the high-profile violence against our community and the tragic suicides by our youth who don’t see a future for themselves because of bullying. They have to know that is worth living and that being “different” is OK. it’s essential that the messages of hope and resources are available to those affected by violence and discrimination —  the work of AVP, The Trevor Project and efforts like Dan Savage’s It Gets Better make it possible

BD contributed this touching video for the It Gets Better series:


In related news, among this year’s recipients of the Courage Award is the Village Voice’s staff writer Steven Thrasher, who will be with us on Monday at 8PM to liveblog about this award and his much-talked about piece, “White America Has Lost Its Mind“:

Congrats to Voice staff writer Steven Thrasher, who has been awarded the 2010 Courage Award by the New York Anti-Violence Project — the oldest organization in the nation that combats violence toward and within the LGBT community. We are proud to have this amazing writer (and human) in our midst!

Stapel continued, “Your work at the Village Voice, particularly your coverage of proposed state funding cuts for domestic violence, has been exemplary. In recognition of your work as a community activist, advocate and journalist, we would like to honor you with a 2010 Courage Award. In accepting this award, you will join the distinguished company of past awardees including: progressive LGBTQ bloggers — Bill Browning, Joe Jervis, Pam Spaulding and Andy Towle, Tony Kushner, Emil Wilbekin and George C. Wolfe to name but a few.”

Kudos, also, to Thrasher’s co-honorees, journalist Duncan Osborne of Gay City News and the Paul Rapoport Foundation.

The event will be hosted by BD Wong, and will take place will on October 18 at the Prince George Ballroom on East 27th Street.
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Ann Coulter At Homocon 2010 : Marriage Is Not A Civil Right, You’re Not BLACK

At GOProud’s Homocon 2010 event in NYC last night, headliner Ann Coulter told the assembled Quislings that they had no civil right to marriage. Because, after all, they’re not BLACK. Ben Smith reports at Politico:

Coulter’s presence at the event was controversial, as other gay activists pointed out that she’d made a series of anti-gay remark — she called former presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot” — which she explained away at the top of her speech as humor. “The people who get gay jokes are gays,” she said, adding that when she talks to Christian audience, “Out of sweetness they don’t laugh at the gay jokes.” Coulter’s jokes Tuesday riffed on the theme that GOProud doesn’t make same-sex marriage central to its appeal; it considers, Barron says, national security and the economy more important. Marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” Coulter said to nervous laughter. She went on to note that gays are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the country. “Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?’”

Politico also reports that homocon lesbian radio host Tammy Bruce compared GOProud to ACT-UP, saying the two groups “have the same energy.”

Joe. My. God.

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Welcome to 2010 NC Pride!

Photo: The openly gay Mayor of Chapel Hill, Mark Kleinschmidt (l) and local anchor/reporter for the CBS affiliate here, WRAL-TV’s Pam Saulsby. It’s her first appearance at Pride. There’s a photo of me with Pam floating out there somewhere. Hopefully it will turn up.

I wasn’t feeling too well today (lots of muscle pain), but I got myself together to head downtown to Duke’s East Campus on Main Street where the parade for NC Pride is held each year.

Durham is an excellent host town, with a very LGBT-friendly police and fire department, and LGBT and gender-non-conforming folks can take over the city without fear of some fundie eruption (outside of protesters). The neighborhood here is Old West Durham and I ran into the association prez, my friend John Schelp, along with ally City Councilman Mike Woodard (you’ll see them in the photo album).

I didn’t see any this year, but I didn’t walk the parade route this time, so if any Blenders were there, please report on whether Operation Save America or one of the local Baptist/evangelical churches bothered to come out in the gawdawful heat.

We hold Pride in September to avoid a sweatbox, but we were SOL this year as temps were in the 90s. My car registered 102 when I got in it. My feet were on fire from walking on the cooked asphalt. The searing heat went through my shoes! On my way back to the car, I stopped to chat with one of our friendly police officers and he had parked himself in the numerous areas of shade provided by the pin oaks on campus near the sidewalk. He was still burning up, since his uniform is of course polyester (eek), and the bulletproof vest underneath is like insulation. I don’t know how they do it.

Anyway, I did take photos and video with my Droid phone just to give you a sense of the festivities.

Here’s the video I mostly shot the colorful floats, noisy stuff, dancing scantily-clad men, etc. It’s tame by gay metropolis standards, but hey it’s the South!

A photoalbum is below the fold. It gives you a better idea of who was marching — lots and lots of LGBT-affirming churches, many people of color (black and Latino) and a ton of parade watchers and supporters. I don’t have a head count yet.

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Gary Bauer at the Values Voter Summit compares 2010 elections to overthrowing 9/11 hijackers

I don’t understand how Gary Bauer can bleat over-the-top crap like this and think he’s going to appeal to the mainstream. This garbage not only exploits 9/11, it’s batsh*t insane. Amanda Terkel at HuffPo:

At Friday’s conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., speakers like Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell and Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) urged attendees to turn out and vote in November in order to elect more conservatives to office. But the most extreme call came from onetime presidential candidate Gary Bauer, now the president of the right-wing group American Values, who equated the importance of turning out in November to defeating the 9/11 hijackers:

BAUER: From the cell phone calls that were made and the tapes that we have [from 9/11], we know that those passengers went to the back of the plane. Being good Americans, they started a debate. “Well,” some of them said, “we need to get back to our seats. We can’t do anything about this. You don’t fight hijackers. The plane will land. And then there will be negotiations. We’ll get out of here.” Other people said, “No, no, the country is under attack. We’ve got to fight.” And you know what they did? Nobody won the debate! So somebody said, “Let’s vote.”

That’s what we’re going to do in 45 days, right? We’re going to vote. If you get up that morning and you’re tired, you’re sick, it’s raining — remember these Americans on the plane. They voted to fight back. So they made weapons with whatever they can — leftover utensils from breakfast. The flight attendant was still alive; she boiled the water for the coffee. That was going to be her weapon. They took the drink cart, used it as a battering ram. They ran down the aisle of that plane, throwing the water, fighting as hard as they could, into the teeth of men armed with box cutters!

They brought that plane down. They spared this country more pain, more sorrow, more deaths. God bless them! Don’t forget them!

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