Researcher coming to Dallas to interview gay couples about effects of marriage amendment

America's Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage by Daniel PinelloProfessor Dan Pinello of John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York is studying the effects of anti-gay laws on same-sex couples in Super-DOMA states. Those are states such as Texas that have ratified amendments to state constitutions banning recognition of all forms of relationship rights.

Pinello is the author of America’s Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage (2006) and Gay Rights and American Law (2003).

He has already conducted more than 100 interviews in Georgia, Michigan and Ohio to determine the grassroots impact of these laws.

He will be in Dallas interviewing lesbian and gay couples in the DFW area for his new book. He’s investigating the grassroots effects of the 2005 Texas Marriage Amendment and wants to meet with a wide variety of same-sex pairs in committed relationships.

Pinello will be in North Texas Jan. 8-16. Interviews will take no more than 60 minutes. For further information, please contact him at

—  David Taffet

Anderson Cooper asks ‘the gay question’ of Eminem

Sunday night on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper reported Eminem, and brought up one of his most controversial stances: His hateful comments about gays. Cooper, who is gay but doesn’t discuss it much, forced Eminem to confront the homophobic comments. Now, I’m a fan of Eminem in part because I assume part of his art is assuming characters and capturing a tone in the culture … though I worry that many of his fans don’t understand the irony or the complexity of the issues he’s addressing. So I was a little disappointed by his response to Cooper. What do you think? (CBS won’t let me post the video here, so just follow this link to YouTube. The gay comments start around the 9:00 mark.)

—  Arnold Wayne Jones