Actor Disowned for Gay Role

YUVRAAJ PARASHAR X390Indian actor Yuvraaj Parasher, who starred in a film considered the country’s Brokeback Mountain, has been thrown out of his home and disowned by his family for playing a gay man on screen. Daily News

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Beetlejuice Actor Glenn Shadix Dies at 58


Actor Glenn Shadix, best known for his role as Otho in Beetlejuice, died after a fall on Tuesday at his Birmingham, Alabama condo:

"'He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair,' Susan Gagne, Shadix's sister, said Tuesday. 'It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that's the cause of death.'…

Besides "Beetle Juice," Mr. Shadix's other films roles included supporting parts in "Heathers," "Demolition Man," "Meet the Applegates" and "Dunston Checks In," as well as a small role in the steamy Jack Nicholson-Jessica Lange mystery "The Postman Always Rings Twice," his first film. On TV, Mr. Shadix appeared in guest roles on "Cheers," "The Golden Girls," "Roseanne," "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Seinfeld," in which he played Jerry Seinfeld's landlord.

After nearly 30 years in Hollywood, Mr. Shadix moved back to Alabama about three years ago to be close to his family and to write, his sister said. In his old hometown of Bessemer, Mr. Shadix bought and was restoring a century-old Queen Anne Victorian house that was later destroyed by a fire in December 2008. Earlier that same year, Mr. Shadix participated in his first Gay Pride Parade in Birmingham. "I had never been to any gay gathering in the South," he told The News at the time. "I have been blessed as a gay man because I never had to deal with any situations of real prejudice or intimidation in my field."

Shadix appeared in more than 70 films and TV shows. He was 58.

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Character Actor Glenn Shadix Dies

GLENN SHADIX WYNONA RYDER X390 (FAIR USE) | ADVOCATE.COMGlenn Shadix, the gay character actor who appeared in numerous films including Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice and Planet of the Apes, died Tuesday. He was 58. Daily News

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UK Television Actor Attacked For Playing Gay Character

Actor Danny Miller, who plays a gay character on the UK television soap opera Emmerdale was attacked while out in Manchester by a group of men in who shouted gay slurs at the 19-year-old. Unreality Primetime reports on the moments that let up to the assault:

Danny "As they mounted the homophobic attack, one of the crowd shouted, 'There’s that gay lad off the telly – let’s f***ing get him.'”

"An onlooker told The People: “It was terrifying. A group of lads shouted, ‘Oi gay boy, you out with your boyfriend tonight?’ “Another screamed, ‘Oi faggot, is that your boyfriend?’ Then the yobs started running and screaming, ‘Get him, get him.'”

Apparently, Miller was punched by at least one person in the mob.

He tweeted: about the incident later and reassured everyone that he was unharmed.

"Don't listen to what has been put on here tonight. I was attacked by a couple of lads tonight but managed to escape unharmed. Don't worry."

"Afraid to say it was Emmerdale related. Not sure why though. Hadn't seen them before ever. Don't worry though."

The homophobes couldn't even separate television from reality. Miller himself is not gay.

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