NOH8 shoot is Saturday in Dallas

Screen shot 2015-03-09 at 3.22.13 PM

NOH8 Photographer Adam Bouska will be in Dallas, camera at the ready, to give North Texans another chance to add their faces to the fight for equal rights.

Bouska will be conducting photo shoots as part of his ongoing NOH8 Worldwide campaign Saturday, March 14, from 2-5 p.m. at Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, 14115 Hillcrest Road in Dallas. No reservations are needed.

Cost is $40 for solo photos, and $25 per person for couple or group photos, cash and credit cards only. Fees cover services and the cost of one edited digital print, made available via The cost does not include a physical print.

Those having their photos taken are asked to “come camera ready, wear a white short, post and make a statement.”

Bouska will shoot about 5-10 frames per person. One frame will be selected/edited by our team and made available within approximately eight weeks (although that timeline is subject to change).

Volunteers are also needed to help out with the shoot, and anyone who wants to volunteer should email with contact information. Be sure to note that you want to help with the Dallas shoot.

Money raised by the NOH8 Campaign is used to continue promoting and raising awareness for marriage and human equality as well as anti-discrimination and anti-bullying through NOH8’s interactive social media campaign. The NOH8 Campaign is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

—  Tammye Nash

Congrats to Pauley Perrette — and thanks, too, for the support

Pauley Perrette

I have long been a fan of CBS’ hit show NCIS, although I have been disappointed, to say the very least, by some of the anti-transgender plotlines/comments that I have seen on the show — specifically in the 19th episode of the first season, titled “Dead Man Talking.”

But one of the main reasons I like NCIS so much is the character of Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette. Abby is the NCIS team’s goth girl forensic scientist, who is addicted to a soft drink called Caf-Pow, loves heavy metal music, is heavily inked, sleeps in a coffin, is amazingly loyal to her friends and is a VERY outspoken liberal. Pauley Perrette is pretty goth herself. And she is a VERY outspoken liberal.

This week Perrette confirmed to her fans via Twitter that yes, she is definitely engaged to her boyfriend, former British marine Thomas Arklie. But she also confirmed that she and Arklie will not be getting married until Proposition 8 — the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California — is permanently rescinded.

“Me & #MyMarine [Fiancé] are totally engaged now but will NOT GET MARRIED UNTIL #Prop8 is OVER,” Perrette declared in one Tweet. She later followed up with this clarification: “We’re Not getting married because Prop 8 is unjust. But having blast being engaged. He re-asks me everyday & I say Yes.”

Now this isn’t the first time Perrette has spoken out in support of LGBT rights. She has participated in Adam Bouska’s NoH8 photo campaign against Prop 8. And last January, she attended the People’s Choice Awards wearing a dress emblazoned with the NoH8 logo.

And while I don’t expect Pauley Perrette will ever read this blog post, I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations on your engagement; here’s wishing you many happy years ahead. And I want to say thanks for your support for our community and our rights. We won’t win this war without the support of non-LGBT allies like you.

And while I’m at it, Pauley, I’m going to go ahead and ask if maybe you could have a word with the writers or the producers or whomever over at NCIS about the trans-bashing on the show.  The trans people are often the most victimized and marginalized segment of our community. They don’t need NCIS adding to the bashing.

—  admin

Former Massachusetts Supreme Court chief justice coming to Dallas for ‘no-hate occasion’

Margaret Marshall

Margaret Marshall, the former chief justice of the Massachusetts State Supreme Court who wrote the landmark decision in Goodridge v. Massachusetts Department of Health that legalized same-sex marriage in that state, will be in Dallas Saturday, Oct. 15, for a “It’s Time Dallas: A Two Day, No-Hate Occasion.”

The event is presented by The Vision Forum, a ministry of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, on Hillcrest Road in Dallas. Marshall will speak that Saturday night, and on Sunday, Oct. 16, photographer Adam Bouska sets up at the church to shoot photos for his ongoing “No H8” campaign.

Marshall — whose ruling in the Goodridge case declared that the Massachusetts Constitution “affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals” and “forbids the creation of second-class citizens” — will speak about that case, about her experiences growing up in South Africa under apartheid, and how her childhood there helped shape her commitment to equality for everyone. Her presentation is free and open to the public, and will be followed by a reception. However, those attending are asked to RSVP by email to

Bouska will begin shooting the No H8 portraits at 1 p.m. the next day. Cost is $40 for individual portraits and $25 per person for couples and group portraits. RSVP online here.

Adam Bouska: No H8

—  admin

Dallas’ Josh Lofty wins Bouska photo contest

Speaking of Adam Bouska, the NOH8 photographer announced on Twitter on Wednesday night that Dallas’ Josh Lofty is the winner of Bouska’s Facebook photo contest. According to Bouska’s website, Lofty will receive a custom photo shoot at the photographer’s Los Angeles studio. Lofty won with the photo at right, which got about 380 Likes in the final round.



—  John Wright

There’s still time to get your face on

Last fall, local photographer Jorge Rivas started a project to get celebs (including supermodel Jan Strimple, above) and activists to loan their faces to a campaign to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. Since then, it has caught on, and hundreds of photoshoots later, Rivas’ Faces of Life series has become as distinctive as Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign. You don’t need to be HIV-positive, or even gay, to do your part — just willing to have your photo taken by a professional with a keen eye.

This Saturday, June 4, during Razzle Dazzle, you can participate in what will likely be the last local opportunity to be part of Faces of Life. Just stop by the ilume Gallerie at the ilume on Cedar Springs at any time between noon and 6 p.m. (no appointment required), and bring your checkbook: $50 for singles, or a steal at $75 for couples, families and groups, and Rivas will help to make you part of history … and part of art.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Queer locals of 2010

Twelve months isn’t all that long a time, but the impact someone can make on an entire year during any part of it can reverberate well beyond the calendar year. When we thought back on the culture in 2010, these are the 10 men and women who stood out most — for good or bad.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Israel Luna, filmmaker, left

Kelli Ann Busey, ticked-off activist, center
The most vocal debate in the gay community about the arts that occurred on a national scale started in Dallas, as Busey, a trans woman, objected to the title of Luna’s “transploitation” revenge melodrama Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives. GLAAD got involved, protests were lodged when the film played at a festival in New York City, accusations and insults flew … it wasn’t always (ever?) pretty, but it did get people talking.

Mel Arizpe, Voice of Pride winner, right
After numerous attempts, Arizpe delighted her fans by winning VOP in August as a soloist and for a duet with her girlfriend … who herself came in second overall. Talk about keeping it all in the family.



Jorge Rivas, photographer, left
Following Adam Bouska’s NOH8 photo campaign, Rivas started Faces of Life, a series of portraits of locals aimed at raising money for AIDS Arms. Like Bouska, Rivas hopes to take it nationwide.

Trinity Wheeler, theater queen, right
Wheeler hasn’t lived in Texas for a while, but when he returned to his hometown of Tyler to direct The Laramie Project, he faced vocal resistance. The play was still put on, and became a success.



Jeffrey Payne, leathermen, left

Jack Duke, leathermen, right
Payne, the outgoing International Mr. Leather of 2010, was nearly replaced by Duke, who ended up in third place overall. Payne set a high standard as IML champ, having an award named after him and starting a foundation to help the hearing impaired within the gay community. Duke has led an active role in the leather scene locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, showing the world Dallas knows leather culture — and gentlemen.



Danielle Girdano, cyclist, left
Girdano wanted to raise money to bring awareness to teen
suicide even before the issue made national news, so she biked from Minnesota to Dallas, pulling in just in time for the Pride parade.

Harold Steward, arts visionary, right
Steward gave the black LGBT community a shot in the arm, co-founding the Fahari Arts Institute which hosts the popular Queerly Speaking series at the South Dallas Cultural Center.



Team TKO, softballers
Member teams of the Pegasus Slow-pitch Softball Association did gangbusters at the annual World Series in August, but none did better than the players on Uptown Vision’s TKO, who collectively won the B-
Division trophy by defeating the Long Beach Rounders in the NAGAAA tourney in Columbus, Ohio. When it comes to sports, it’s hard to beat a Texan — Tony Romo notwithstanding.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 24, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

Local photographer Debra Gloria gives some NOH8 action of her own


If you missed your chance to snag a NOH8photo shoot with Adam Bouska when he was here, this upcoming event should make up for it. Out photographer Debra Gloria, who we featured here, is hosting a photo shoot of her own to support the campaign. Her photos will be submitted to the campaign and given to you for all your Facebooking needs. We know that’s what you really want.

The photo shoot is free  but $10 is the suggested cash donation to help offset any costs from the shoot and to donate to the campaign directly. Seriously, who can get a hip pic of themselves for that cheap? All you have to do is show up in your white t-shirt and have your hair and makeup all ready to go. She’ll provide the duct tape and tattoo.

The event will be at Jack’s Backyard, Dec. 5 from 1–4 p.m.

UPDATE: Debra Gloria contacted me and is excited about the event. “Yes, I will be working my butt off!” She wanted to mention that Tiffany Brown is “the brains behind all of this. She got this NOH8 project together, so I can’t take the credit for it all. She is a great girl!” So be sure to give both these ladies a hand when you make it out.pass-cracker.ruстатистика запросов в google

—  Rich Lopez