What’s Brewing: Navy investigates sex videos; Prop 8-backing pastor accused of pedophilia

1. The Navy has launched an investigation into a series of raunchy sex videos that were shown to the crew of an aircraft carrier deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. A Navy spokesman called the videos, uncovered by The Virginia-Pilot newspaper, “clearly inappropriate.” Gee, ya think? The videos, which contain anti-gay slurs and simulated sex acts, reportedly were produced by Capt. Owen Honors, who at the time was second-in-command of the carrier, the USS Enterprise. Powers has since taken command of the carrier, which is scheduled to deploy in a few weeks. This is just a wild guess, but we’re saying Honors won’t be aboard the ship when it leaves Norfolk.

2. California pastor and Prop 8 supporter Tom Daniels is being held on $6 million bail after being charged with multiple sexual assaults of a child. In other words, this guy thinks gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, but it’s fine for him to rape kids. Daniels, who made two monetary donations to Yes on 8, is senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Rio Linda in Sacramento County.

3. Have we mentioned that there’s no hope for ENDA or DOMA in the new Congress?

—  John Wright

Why Afghanistan Tried To Get The U.S. To Cover Up An American Contractor Renting Little Boys For Sex

So furious was the Afghanistan Interior Ministry with a brewing U.S. media story about an American contractor hiring "dancing boys, its chief tried getting the American embassy (and thus the State Department) to crush the story. As if the U.S. government has the power to silence the media. Oh dear!


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WATCH: Lubbock station flubs DADT; Texas Tech activist Nonnie Ouch says ‘It Gets Better’

Nonnie Ouch

Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit put a stay on a lower court’s ruling allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

Explaining the stay,  Fox 34 in Lubbock said, “As of right now anyone who is gay and in the military must keep that sexual preference under wraps.”

Nonnie Ouch, a Texas Tech student from Dallas, does help explain any confusion in her “It Gets Better” video below. She describes Lubbock as “the second most conservative city in the country.”

Getting sexual orientation wrong is the least of the Fox story’s problems. They’re a little fuzzy on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” issues.

For example, they quote a Texas Tech law professor saying he had a long, distinguished career as a JAG and knows “don’t ask, don’t tell” quite well.

So well, in fact that he claimed that he defended the policy in the 1980s. Wow. A whole decade before anyone even dreamed up the discriminatory DADT policy, this “expert” was out there defending it. He must really, really like it.

Or maybe not so much because the professor calls the policy an anachronism.

But the military needs time to work out some privacy issues, he says. Well, it seems the only privacy that’s been violated is the privacy of gay and lesbian military personnel. Their privacy is regularly invaded and they are thrown out.

The former JAG and legal expert Fox quotes thinks the military, not the courts, should be making the policy. Interesting since it was Congress who created the policy that was signed into law by the president. And I don’t remember anyone criticizing Congress or President Bill Clinton about interfering with military policy when they instituted it. And isn’t the president the commander-in-chief?

Ouch’s comments to Fox are a lot clearer than those of the policy’s sort-of defender who doesn’t seem to like the policy much anymore.

“It’s a huge deal, I have friends that are serving in Afghanistan right now that are gay and I couldn’t wait to tell them the news,” she told the Fox station before the stay was placed on the ruling.

In her video, Ouch tells gay youth that if they can get by in Lubbock, you can get by anywhere else in the country.

—  David Taffet

'Don't ask don't tell,' gays in the military and 'Blah, blah, blah'

OK, there’s a lot of discussion about this video clip, supposedly made by some U.S. soldiers stationed overseas, and which some folks are saying is intended to take a stand against the military’s anti-gay “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.

Some folks think it’s brilliant satire. Some folks think it’s downright homophobic. Watch it and tell us what you think:

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"Telephone" — The Afghanistan remake

Found this online and just had to share.

It’s a remake of Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video. Well, looks more like a re-interpretation than remake. But either way, it’s a blast.

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Rampant homosexuality among Pashtun men, not that there's anything wrong with that

Hamid Karzai is Pashtun
Hamid Karzai is Pashtun

And you know this story HAS to be true, because it’s from Fox News.

According to Fox, an unclassified military report said there’s a high incidence of homosexuality among Pashtun men in Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai is Pashtun but has not returned a call from Dallas Voice for comment.

But Pashtun men don’t think they’re gay because their definition of gay is to love another man, not just have sex with them.

They couldn’t understand how they got gonorrhea anally since they’re not gay.

U.S. military doctors had to explain to them how to get their wives pregnant, which they found repulsive since women are “unclean.”

“Surely this must be wrong,” one Pashtun man said to the military doctor.

Well, we here at Dallas Voice certainly agree and support our Pashtun pals. Maybe the military docs could start giving them cootie shots.

According to the report, the military teaches that Pashtun men are effeminate, but that’s not an indication of homosexuality. They blame the Afghan brand of homosexuality on the severe separation of men and women in Afghan society. Maybe if there were some gays in the military, they could get a better handle on the situation.

Interesting that we just committed 40,000 new troops to go to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban and defend our allies, the Pashtun, who, it turns out, are flaming queens.yandex позиция

—  David Taffet