Gary Floyd, then and now

Gary Lynn Floyd killed a few birds with one stone last night. First, he helped celebrate the Interfaith Peace Chapel’s one-year anniversary. Second, he shot footage for his upcoming reality series slot on Troubadour, TX. Most importantly, though, he reminded us all why we love listening to him sing.

His concert Sunday night, which also served as a release party for his new CD Then+Now, featured Gary on piano, voice miked, singing solo: Songs from his long career, some from his days in Christian music (including his only No. 1 hit as a songwriter), moving up to his current output. He joked that people may still detect a bit of the church in his voice; ain’t that the truth. Listening to Gary is sort of like your own private sermon — he seemed to be connecting directly with me as he sang. (Of course, I was sitting behind his mother, so maybe he was just singing to her.)  But I bet all of the 80 or so attendees felt that same connection. That’s what good singing is all about.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Indiana House Says YES To Constitutional Marriage Ban. But This Fight Ain’t Over

In a 70-26 vote, the Indiana State House has approved an amendment to the state constitution that would allow voters to ban recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions. Sponsored by Republican Rep. Eric Turner, who believes "marriage is, and should be, the union of one man and one woman," the bill supposedly won't impact domestic partnerships or gay adoption. There's still time to fix things: The bill heads to the Senate, and even if it passes there, both chambers would have to approve the bill once more in a successive legislative session before going in front of voters in a statewide referendum.

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—  David Taffet