Wyoming House Passes Anti-Marriage Bill

Thanks to a newly-elected Tea Party-backed GOP majority, the Wyoming House today passed a bill banning the recognition of out of state same-sex marriages and civil unions. Similar bills had failed twice in recent years.

State Rep. Owen Petersen, R-Mountain View, the bill’s sponsor, said the legislation is needed to resolve a conflict in Wyoming law, which defines marriage as a contract “between a male and a female person” but also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside the state. Other supporters have said the bill will help to hold back government intrusion into Wyoming traditions and culture.

The bill is expected to pass easily in the state Senate.

Joe. My. God.

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Iowa Antimarriage Bill Introduced

test marriage in Iowa x 390Legislation that would allow voters to strip Iowa same-sex couples of
marriage rights was introduced in the state house of representatives
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NOM Tries to Use MLK Legacy in Anti-Marriage Equality Ad

Today the National Organization for marriage boasted in an email that they’ve “just released what may very well be our most powerful ad yet . . . focusing on the right of Minnesotans to vote for marriage, with footage from Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech and the civil rights movement.”

The ad actually co-opts Dr. King’s fight for civil rights in order to advocate putting the rights of same-sex couples on the ballot for a popular vote!

The ad comes after a federal court this week upheld Minnesota’s campaign disclosure laws from a challenge by lawyers representing the NOM in its radical nationwide efforts to dismantle state laws that provide transparency about who is funding political campaigns. NOM has failed to disclose any of its political activities in Minnesota including television and radio ads against pro-equality candidates and a widely-condemned mailer targeting an openly-gay Republican candidate in his primary race. Questions have been raised about whether NOM is deliberately evading Minnesota’s public disclosure requirements.

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Mexico City mayor sues Guadalajara bishop over anti-marriage equality remarks

YES! Mayor Marcelo Ebrard says what too many politicians in this country, including our President, are unwilling to say.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrard of Mexico City on Wednesday filed a civil suit claiming defamation against Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez of Guadalajara, upping the ante in a high-profile political spat over gay marriage in Mexico that pits emboldened secular institutions against the country’s influential Roman Catholic clergy.

The suit comes after Ebrard demanded that Sandoval retract suggestions made over the weekend that Mexico’s Supreme Court justices were bribed for their recent landmark rulings in favor of gay marriage and adoption by same-sex couples in the Mexican capital.

Church authorities were not backing down. Sandoval said Monday he would not retract his comments, and the archdiocese in Guadalajara later said it had proof of the allegations against the Supreme Court justices (link in Spanish). Statements in support were issued from the archdiocese in Mexico City, while the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico also said it supports Sandoval.

In the secular institutional corner, the Supreme Court censured Sandoval’s statements unanimously, and Ebrard issued a stark warning to the highest-ranking prelate of Mexico’s second-largest city: “We live in a secular state, and here, whether we like it or not, the law rules the land,” Ebrard said, according to La Jornada (links in Spanish). “The cardinal must submit to the law of the land, like all other citizens of this country.”

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NEW YORK: Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Anti-Marriage AG Candidate

The Log Cabin Republicans today issued their endorsement of Dan Donovan for New York Attorney General. Donovan opposes marriage equality, but grudgingly allows that he’d defend whatever law the state enacts. Via press release:

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans. As Richmond County District Attorney, I’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our system of justice never discriminates against our citizens,” said Donovan. “I believe the law provides us the right to be treated fairly and I stand firmly against intolerance. As Attorney General, I’ll make that same commitment, to protect all New Yorkers’ rights under the law regardless of sexual orientation.”

“As the District Attorney of Staten Island, Mr. Donovan has a long and distinguished record of treating everyone equal under the law,” Log Cabin Republicans of New York State PAC Chairman Gregory T. Angelo stated. “He is a man of integrity with a selfless commitment to uphold the rights of all citizens of this state, and we look forward to working with him when he becomes the next Attorney General of the State of New York in November.”

Last week the state Democratic Party slammed Donovan’s opposition to marriage equality, saying, “The issue is a critical one in the race for Attorney General. Just last week, a federal judge reversed California’s same sex marriage ban thanks, in part, to a brief filed by the California Attorney General, Jerry Brown. And Attorneys General across the country have played a prominent role in promoting marriage equality, including in New York where Andrew Cuomo has defended the recognition of same sex marriages performed out of state.”

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In CA, anti-marriage side filed emergency motion for stay

At the Prop. 8 Trial Tracker, Brian Devine reports on the emergency stay filed by the Prop. 8 supporters and explains what will happen moving forward:

As for their arguments on the merits of the stay, there does not seem to be any new arguments that Judge Walker has not already rejected.

This Emergency Motion will be referred to the lead judge of the Motions Panel. If the lead judge is unavailable, the Emergency Motion is referred to the second judge and then the third judge of the Motions Panel. The judge to whom it is referred may either grant temporary relief or convene the Motions Panel (usually by telephone) to decide the motion. My guess is that in a case as newsworthy as this, the lead judge would prefer to convene the entire panel rather than make the decision himself. In any event, there could be a decision on the Emergency Motion within hours after the motion is filed, but it’s more likely that it will take a day or two for the Judge(s) to rule.

And, you have to love this. In its motion, the haters cited this article from GLTNN.com: Advisory: If Judge Walker Says It’s OK to Get Married. Not kidding.

And, it’s still unclear if these Prop. 8 proponents can even appeal.


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