The end is nigh — and it’s our fault, of course

Harold Camping of Family Radio Network says the world will end this Saturday.

For the last three weeks or so, I have been getting a bunch of emails from folks telling me that the world will end on Saturday, May 21 “because over the past 4 decades serious Bible students have been given understanding of the Biblical Calendar of History as recorded in the geneologies of Genesis 5 and 11.” (That quote comes from the latest email, signed by “Len.” But they have all said basically — if not exactly — the same thing.)

Len goes on to warn: “Given the Bible’s Calendar, May 21, 2011 is the 7000th anniversary (to the very day) of Noah’s flood and the Door of Salvation in the ark, a picture of Christ Jesus, was shut. (Genesis 7:11 and 2 peter 3:3-10). There are other proofs within the Holy Bible that assures us Christ’s return will come to pass on May 21 when God will catch up His people and with a catastrophic earthquake commence the final 153 days of the earth and on October 21 the universe will be annihilated.”

Len — and apparently others — is praying that I will “carefully review and investigate this fast approaching event,” but since they seem pretty steadfast in their belief that this is what will happen, I am not sure what they want me to do about it. Am I supposed to help them to warn others to get right with Jesus om the next three days? Or do they just want me to know — for sure — that I am about to burn for eternity?

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Sign of the Apocalypse: Fox News makes fun of religious right over CPAC controversy

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I loathe religious right groups for the lies they tell about the lgbt community. And I despise the Fox News channel for its constant mantra of distortions and propaganda.

So how the hell do I react when a Fox News program, Red Eye, makes fun of social conservatives, i.e. religious right groups over their decision to boycott the conservative CPAC conference simply because of the inclusion of a gay group, GoProud?

Just hold my nose and enjoy the show. As an extra attraction, Red Eye also makes fun of our “favorite homophobe,” Porno Pete LaBarbera:

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