Leslie Jordan cancels Aspen Gay Ski Week gig

Leslie Jordan has had to back out of his appearance at Aspen Gay Ski Week, says producer Paul J. Williams, due to a conflict with another obligation. Instead, Williams has made this a “best of” year, with returning favorites: Michele Balan, Chuck Sweeney and Jim David will take over for the Jan. 20 concert.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Madonna talks bullying on ‘Ellen’

In case you missed it, here’s the much tweeted-about appearance of Madonna on Ellen where she talks about bullying, teen suicides and how the gay community has helped her along the way.

—  Rich Lopez

Instant Tea time with Rick Vanderslice

This is arguably the greatest photo I’ve ever taken.

I’ll be making my first-ever appearance on The Rick Vanderslice Show today from 1 to 3 p.m. Not sure what all we’ll talk about, that’s really up to Rick. But I’m guessing some topics might include Our Divine Queen Andy Moreno and all the developments this week concerning “don’t ask don’t tell.” Hell, we might even talk about those arrests over at Club Dallas last week (I’ve been dying to tell about the grand tour of the facility I received the other day). Anyhow, you can watch and listen live below or by going here.

—  John Wright

Bill White declines interview with Dallas Voice prior to his upcoming appearance at gay Pride

Bill White was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign in March.

Dallas Voice has had a standing interview request in with Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White’s campaign for months. After Stonewall Democrats of Dallas announced this week that White will be marching in the upcoming gay Pride parade, we figured it would be a perfect opportunity to reiterate our request. We received a reply e-mail from White spokeswoman Katy Bacon on Wednesday night:

“Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to make it work, John, I am sorry,” Bacon wrote.

This is disappointing but hardly surprising. For one thing, we’re guessing White is extremely busy right now and closely managing his priorities. But White has also been extremely reluctant to discuss LGBT issues publicly or in detail since he emerged as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination almost a year ago. His obvious concern is that Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who has a long history of anti-gay politicking, would try to use whatever statements he makes to rile up conservative voters. We’ll continue to seek an interview with White right up until Election Day, but for now you can read previous stories about him by going here, here and here.

—  John Wright

WATCH: Bill White on why he’s coming to gay Pride in Dallas — ‘I think parades are great’

We weren’t sure of the topic when we headed down to the Hyatt Regency this morning to catch a press conference featuring Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White. But we figured since Valdez is the nation’s only lesbian Latina sheriff — and since White is coming to Dallas’ gay Pride parade in a few weeks — we’d better go check it out.

As it turned out, the press conference was about White’s border security plan, which Valdez really likes. But Instant Tea also managed to sneak in a question about White’s upcoming appearance in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade — which was announced Monday night by Stonewall Democrats of Dallas. If you can forgive the shot of a pantleg at the beginning of the video, above is White’s response to our question, as well as some footage of Valdez talking about White and LGBT issues afterward. Enjoy!

—  John Wright

Charlie Crist uses CNN appearance to reiterate support for fed marriage amendment

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is some old-school-ass hypocrisy, given what was revealed in the documentary Outrage. Florida Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist went on CNN’s State of the Union and said this to Ed Henry:

HENRY: Another big issue, same-sex marriage. Many conservatives like Marco Rubio support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. But this week, the former Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman came out and said he’s gay and he called on conservatives to kind of move to the political center and be more tolerant on this issue. You have previously said in your gubernatorial campaign, you supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Now that you’re trying to occupy the political center, are you still in favor of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage?

CRIST: I feel the same way, yes, because I feel that marriage is a sacred institution, if you will. But I do believe in tolerance. I’m a live and let live kind of guy, and while I feel that way about marriage, I think if partners want to have the opportunity to live together, I don’t have a problem with that.

And I think that’s where most of America is. So I think that you know, you have to speak from the heart about these issues. They are very personal. They have a significant impact on an awful lot of people and the less the government is telling people what to do, the better off we’re all going to be. But when it comes to marriage, I think it is a sacred institution. I believe it is between a man and woman, but partners living together, I don’t have a problem with.

HENRY: But governor, doesn’t it sounds like you having it both ways by saying live and let live, but I also support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. If it’s live and let live, why would you ban same-sex marriage?

CRIST: Well, everything is in a matter of degree, Ed, and when it becomes to the institution of marriage, I believe that it is between a man and a woman, it’s just how I feel.

Well, you have to admit – he’s right there with the President on how he sees marriage. Crist is just a hypocrite on so many levels. How can you “believe in tolerance. I’m a live and let live kind of guy” then say you want to amend the constitution to specifically discriminate against a group of people? Come on Charlie, it’s 2010; that answer smells like rotten eggs.

Let’s go have some fun and review this snippet from Outrage…

Or how about this? Before John McCain picked Sarah Palin as is 2008 running mate, Charlie Crist was on the short list, sort of. The big news was that Crist magically was engaged during the hot run up to McCain’s pick and even the MSM laughed at the timing. Listen to Chuck Todd on MSNBC:

Joe Sudbay has more has more, including commentary on the mainstream media’s rank hypocrisy on actually naming lying gay pols. Chuck Todd just danced around the matter like it was an inside joke. Why didn’t he actually break some news?

Surely Ken Mehlman could shed light on this matter.

Related flashback:

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—  John Wright

World Net Daily Dumps Ann Coulter Over GOProud Homocon Appearance

World Net Daily has “dumped” Ann Coulter (their word) from her scheduled keynote appearance at their coming annual hatefest in Miami because of her plan to headline GOProud’s Quisling confab in NYC next month.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, said the decision was a gut-wrenching one for his team because of their fondness for Coulter as both a person and writer-speaker. “Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud,” said Farah. “The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning.”

Asked by Farah why she was speaking to GOProud, Coulter said: “They hired me to give a speech, so I’m giving a speech. I do it all the time.” Farah then asked: “Do you not understand you are legitimizing a group that is fighting for same-sex marriage and open homosexuality in the military – not to mention the idea that sodomy is just an alternate lifestyle?” Coulter responded: “That’s silly, I speak to a lot of groups and do not endorse them. I speak at Harvard and I certainly don’t endorse their views. I’ve spoken to Democratic groups and liberal Republican groups that loooove abortion. The main thing I do is speak on college campuses, which is about the equivalent of speaking at an al-Qaida conference. I’m sure I agree with GOProud more than I do with at least half of my college audiences. But in any event, giving a speech is not an endorsement of every position held by the people I’m speaking to.”

Just as with that whole CPAC nonsense, the douchebags at GOProud have again provided us with hilarious wingnut infighting. For that, at least, we can thank them.

RELATED: Last week World Net Daily also booted the Florida Tea Party from their event after another teabagger faction accused the Florida group of being secretly full of Democrats.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Westboro Baptist Church Memorial Ice Maker arrives at Resource Center Dallas

The Westboro Baptist Church Memorial Ice Maker

Resource Center Dallas’ new ice maker arrived on Tuesday afternoon. The machine was purchased with the funds raised from the “Hell Freezes Over” fundraising counterprotest of the Westboro Baptist Church’s appearance at RCD on July 9.

“Once again, a big thanks to everybody who donated and showed support! Resource Center Dallas would also like to thank Caven Enterprises, Cathedral of Hope, Buffalo Wild Wings on Lemmon Ave. and Kroger on Cedar Springs Rd. for allowing us to get ice after our old machine broke,” said RCD spokesman Rafael McDonnell. “Also, special thanks to Congregation Beth El Binah for their long-standing support of the Center. We will hold a formal dedication of the machine either late next week or the week of August 9.”

The fundraising total from “Hell Freezes Over” has neared $11,000. McDonnell joked that he would welcome a return visit from the Phelps cult, but asked them to time it for the next fiscal year.

—  David Taffet