Watch: Australian ‘Inland Tsunami’ Carries Away Parking Lot of Cars


The Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley regions in Queensland, Australia have been hit by an unprecedented flooding disaster, triggered by rainstorms that unleashed what many have referred to as an 'inland tsunami' which washed away everything in its path. At least 10 are dead and 78 missing.

"The water was literally leaping, six or 10 feet into the air, through creeks and over bridges and into parks," Kowald, a 53-year-old musician, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "There was nowhere to escape, even if there had been warnings. There was just a sea of water about a kilometer (half a mile) wide."

Portions of Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city, are being evacuated.

Here's a clip that's been going around of an entire parking lot of cars being swept away down a swollen creek.


Flood relief here.

Here's a news clip:

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Australian church wins right to bar gays as foster parents

This doesn’t surprise me. Nowadays, far too many churches are more interested in raping children than taking care of them.

In a decision that will open the way for other religious charities to refuse gay couples access to their services, the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal ruled that Wesley Mission’s foster care arm, Wesley Dalmar Services, had proved an exemption under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act allowing it to discriminate against homosexual couples, reported The Australian.

Wesley Mission, part of the Uniting Church assembly, argued that providing foster care services to gay couples would put at risk its financial and volunteer assistance from members of the mission who adhered to the doctrine that a monogamous heterosexual partnership was “the norm and ideal of the family”.


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Openly Lesbian Australian MP Who Once Opposed Gay Marriage Now Comes Out In Support Of It

Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong, Australia's very first openly gay cabinet member, has gotten much heat from the LGBT community for her opposition of gay marriage. Looks like Wong is now personally in full support of marriage equality:

Wong The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Senator Wong has been criticised in the past for putting her role as a cabinet minster ahead of her personal views and declining to support gay marriage.

At the state conference, she said she knew what it was like to be the subject of prejudice.

''I have had the opportunity to advocate for equality at the highest levels of our party and within our party processes, as I do today,'' she said. ''And I will do so at the next national conference. Talking about change is not the same as delivering it.''

The motion means South Australia and Northern Territory Labor branches have both changed policy in recent weeks to support gay marriage.

Alex Greenwich of the Australian Marriage Equality points out the significance of her announcement: "Senator Wong's public support for reform will not only make a difference when the issue is debated at the Labor national conference – it also reinforces the message to the Australian public that gay Australians are united in our desire for full legal equality."

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Portia DeGeneres Takes on Australian PM

PORTIA DE ROSSI ELLEN DEGENERES X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMActress Portia DeGeneres is taking on Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard for her refusal to push marriage equality. Daily News

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Australian Court Allows Gay Adoption

AUSTRALIA MAP X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMDespite a state law prohibiting gay couples from adopting, a Victoria
court allows an unidentified man in a same-sex relationship to adopt a
child by himself. Daily News

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Marriage Equality Part of Australian Bargaining

AUSTRALIA  MAP X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMMarriage equality is among the list of demands presented by an Australian independent playing a pivotal role in talks to form a new government. Daily News

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Tony Abbot + Prime Minister Julia Gillard Might Disagree on Australian Politics, But They Agree on Marriage Discrimination

Speaking before the Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Rep. Tony Abbot, leader of the Liberal Party, found himself siding with his opponent Julia Gillard, the sitting prime minster and Labor leader, supporting equal protection for gays and lesbians so long as they don't try to steal that marriage word.


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Maybe There Will Be an Australian Screening of L.A. Zombies After All

When you announce more than two weeks in advance that you're going to defy Australia's Film Classification Board and screen Bruce LaBruce's L.A. Zombies, is it an act of screwing the man, or a well-played stunt to continue driving interest in the bloody flick?


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