Trans children and youth are the focus of Wednesday afternoon’s episode of ‘Anderson’

In today’s episode of Anderson Cooper‘s talk show, he talks with children who feel they could be trans as well as how schools can handle the issue with students and understanding gender definitions. From

Anderson spends the hour talking to children who believe they are trapped in the wrong bodies, and discusses their parents’ journey to acceptance. Anderson speaks with experts to get a better understanding of the medical and psychological aspects of transgenders, and how these families are faced with new scientific options that would allow their kids to change their gender. 

Anderson also speaks with Domaine Javier, a transgender woman recently expelled from college for applying as a female, as well as Kyle Allums, the first transgender Division 1 basketball player. 

See the preview after the jump. Anderson airs at 3 p.m. on WFAA Channel 8.

—  Rich Lopez

‘In the Life’ premieres episode about homophobia in sports featuring Pride parade VIP Ben Cohen

Today, In the Life announced its newest episode, “Changing the Game,” taking a look at the gay element in sports. Looking at high-profile incidences of homophobia with slurs by basketball player Kobe Bryant or Atlanta Braves coach Roger McDowell, the show examines the effects of trickle-down homophobia on student athletes and the queer community in general.

The episode features appearances by Tiki Barber, Bam Bam Muelens and rugby athlete, as well as Dallas Pride parade VIP, Ben Cohen.

In the Life appears on public television but I didn’t seem to find the listing on the website. No matter. You can watch the episode below.

—  Rich Lopez

Margaret and Bristol: Will they face off on DWTS?

Margaret Cho, left, and Bristol Palin

I am not a “Dancing With the Stars” fan. I never really even know who is on the show, much less care who wins. But I may have to change that when the new season starts.

According to Kristin Dos Santos at, Bristol Palin — daughter of moose killer and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and baby mama to Levi Johnston — and Margaret “Practically A Gay Man” Cho are both going to be DWTS competitors this time around.

Now, I have no idea whether either one of them can dance. They may well have four left feet between them, and it might be the only beats either of them can hit are the ones they accidentally bump into while stumbling around the dance floor. Or they may both absolutely excellent dancers. Truth is, I don’t care about the dancing.

What I am sure of is that if it ever comes down to a battle of wits, Margaret Cho will be the hands-down winner. And that is the one battle I would love to see!

Oh, and Jennifer Grey of “Dirty Dancing” fame, will be competing, along with basketball player Rick Fox, singer Michael Bolton, Audrina Patridge of “The Hills,” The Situation of “Jersey Shore,” David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff, singer Brandy and Florence “Carol Brady” Henderson.

—  admin

Can white girls jump?

As in, out of the closet? For hoops legend Nancy Lieberman, it’s still a game

RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Dr. Pepper Ballpark,
7300 RoughRiders Trail, Frisco. June 26 at 6 p.m. $5–$15.

Nancy Lieberman

JUMP SHOT | Lieberman plays with the boys at the Reebok Heroes Celebrity Baseball game, but we wonder if she likes to play with girls, too.

I have to admit: When I booked an interview with basketball legend Nancy Lieberman, I didn’t realize she wasn’t officially playing for our team. I assumed a lot based on nothing but speculation and simple gay math: She’s worked with the HRC, she’s an athlete and well, then there’s her scandal.

This came to mind as she tries a different game this weekend. She’ll play for the home team at the 9th Annual Reebok Heroes Celebrity Baseball game in Frisco, benefiting children’s charities The Heroes Foundation and the Mike Modano Foundation. She’ll play for the White Sox home club, but why can’t we get an answer on what other teams she might play for?

Lieberman is to women’s basketball what Michael Jordan is to men’s. She’s decorated with a gold medal from the Pan American games and a silver Olympic medal as the youngest basketball player in Olympic history. She’s set records, won championships and been elected into several basketball halls of fame. She’s got cred.

Then Sports Illustrated published a 2001 article revealing that she’d had an affair with Anna DeForge, one of the players Lieberman was coaching on the WNBA Detroit Shock team during the 2000 WNBA season. The buzz unraveled the team and Lieberman’s contract wasn’t renewed. But by the end of it, we knew little more about Lieberman personally … other than that she was divorcing her husband of 13 years.

Since then, Lieberman has thrived as an ESPN reporter and was recently named as the first female head coach in the NBA’s D-league, coaching the Texas Legends.

Caught up? OK, so, the question is, at this point in her career, and if she identifies as either lesbian or bi, what could be preventing her from coming out — even as straight?

The incident with DeForge gained Lieberman some fans in the community. Despite no definite answer, the hope that she could be one of ours was enough for the community to embrace her as one of its own. Instead, she appears to be pulling a Sean Hayes (and we all know how that turned out).

Lieberman even made an appearance earlier this year at a bachelorette auction fundraiser for Her HRC, an initiative to get more women involved with the Human Rights Campaign. Not only that, she had the winning bid at $4,000. Seriously, that says something, right?

We like Nancy, we really do. Heck, even I have a slight crush on her. But her lack of candor also feels like a slap in the face, or at least a smack of a wet towel on the backside. After a while, hiding is a little embarrassing. At this point, practically not even being around women anymore (Texas Legends plays men’s hoops), how could it hurt her career?

A community is like a team. LGBT civil rights are moving along but we can’t go into the fourth quarter two points behind when our star player could pull off a three-pointer in the last seconds. If we’re going to win, it would help to know who our MVPs could be to help get to that championship.

That goes the same for even coming out as straight.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 25, 2010.

—  Dallasvoice