Same-sex couple buys

As I wrote yesterday, the 2016 GOP presidential primary is in full swing.

Candidates are rallying the base, forming political action committees and laying their ground game.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has done all of that. But somehow Bush forgot to purchase

One’s man mistake is another man’s opportunity. Or, in this case, a gay couple’s opportunity. According to to Business Insider, CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater work in the tech industry and live in Portland, Ore. The tech bears told B.I. they bought the domain in 2008.

Here’s the text (click on the image to see a larger version if you are having trouble reading it):

Bears Jeb Bush

I’ve sent an email to the couple. I’ll update this post later today if I hear from them.

—  James Russell

Compete in Movember moustache contest!

dali_pma_05_17You might think  changing the name of November to Movember was a gay thing — and while lots of ‘mos have ‘mos (i.e., moustaches), the chance to earn money by growing some facial hair crosses lines of sexual identity. The idea is simple: Mo Bros (and allied Mo Sistas) start with a clean-shaven face. Then throughout the month, they add on facial hair, seeking out sponsors to raise money for men’s health issues (especially prostate cancer research). Last year, $147 million worldwide was raised through the Movember campaign.

Including some folks via Last year, yours truly, Alex Young, Richard Neal and Cory Smith all shaved and regrew their beards for money. And you can do the same. In fact, we’re gonna have a bit of a contest. Between now and Nov. 5, take a selfie of your hairless face, and email it to me at Sign up for Movember here. Then, between Nov. 21 and Nov. Nov. 26, email me back your photo with your moustache, chin strap, monkey tail, soul patch, Fu Manchu, Van Dyke — whatever push broom you choose. We’ll post them all on Instant Tea, and the best one will have a contribution made to their Movember account by Dallas Voice. And feel free to keep sending me updated photos with a link to your Movember throughout the month, and we’ll do what we can to get the word out. (Even if you don’t compete, you can help get the word out, especially to your bear buddies — we’ll be posting links to individual Movember contribution pages starting next week.)

Plus, you can attend the Movember kick-off party at the Green Room tonight and other events throughout the month (culminating in a party at Hotel ZaZa on Dec 5). C’mon — be a grower and a shower!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Defining Homes Autumn 2013: Where the BEARS are

By strange design, many local bears have made Carrollton their hirsute home

Michael Lovejoy and Graham Garrison kick back on one of the rare weekends where they have their home to themselves and aren’t hosting a big gay pool party. (Photo by Rich Lopez)

Michael Lovejoy and Graham Garrison kick back on one of the rare weekends where they have their home to themselves and aren’t hosting a big gay pool party. (Photo by Rich Lopez)

By Rich Lopez

Lesbians love East Dallas. Fixer-upper gays nest in Oak Cliff. So where is a bear to hibernate with like-minded homeowners? Dallas’ girth-friendly gayborhood is decidedly Carrollton — so much so, that some locals even nickname it “Bearollton.”

Where some neighborhoods have certain vintage appeal, a select group of bears forgo all that remodel stuff in lieu of convenience, friends and most importantly for summers in Dallas … a pool.

As it turns out, head north to the ‘burb on any summertime Sunday and a pool party is happening somewhere among the growing sleuth of bears there. But don’t mistake that for the reason that the city is a furry Mecca.

“It happened to be a midway point for our jobs, and the same distance to Downtown,” says Howard Perlman, one of the gays who calls the city home. “Plus, we realized it was a real nice neighborhood and the city keeps itself up quite well.”

“A lot of our friends lived here and that was one of the major factors of our decision,” adds Mike Goldberg, Perlman’s partner of 22 years (they were married last year in Provincetown, Mass.).


Michael and Howard Goldberg-Perlman found the home of their dreams along the Nob Hill Greenbelt in Carrollton — or “Bearollton” to may gay locals. (Photo by Rich Lopez)

The couple moved to Dallas from New York in 2007 and bought their Nob Hill neighborhood home a year later. Not only did they find the house of their dreams, they found a community that thrived alongside each other — something they didn’t have in New York.

“The bears fell apart there years ago,” says Goldberg. “When we came here, we discovered the community was absolutely awesome. We didn’t have any history here or family here, but the bears here have become family.”

Graham Garrison came to Carrollton in 2011 because his job moved to a new location. Knowing that several of his friends lived there reassured him it would be a good place to live. And there were other perks.

“You can get really great Internet [access] here,” Garrison laughs. “I was looking for a place that had a decent commute and more bang for my buck. My house was affordable, it was what I wanted and it had a pool.”

Garrison’s partner, Michael Lovejoy, recently moved in and the Oak Lawn transplant found Carrollton to be much more in line with the pace he craved.

“I wanted to get out of Oak Lawn, and as soon as I did, I found it’s a good area and not too far a drive,” Lovejoy says. “North was more my climate — it’s just 20 minutes from everything: the airport, Downtown, even for the guys north of us to visit because it’s closer than Oak Lawn.”

Andy Stark, who lives in Garrison’s house, sees the concentration of bears as a casual network of friends who all form a sort of haven. On any given day, a group will come together for a movie or dinner through no more effort than a mere group text.

“One of us may text another and then it just grows,” he says. “Somebody will join. And in the summer, we don’t need to go out anywhere because we just go to somebody’s house. We have Sunday Fundays, whether it’s just having brunch or volleyball in the pool or having drinks.”

As founders of the Denton County Bears, Tommy Howell and Harry Winn thought they’d be losing their status as proper members moving south, but they discovered Carrollton was within the limits. They continued their house parties complete with (surprise!) a pool. Having friends close by surprised the couple, because both already had good feelings when moving there from Denton three years ago.

“This was the first house we saw here and just loved it,” Howell says.

What really stuck out was location. After living in Denton and Oak Cliff, they find their Rosemeade-area neighborhood efficient and convenient to both their lifestyle and careers.

“Carrollton is so central and we’re right in the middle of four major thoroughfares,” Winn says. “We were always leaving Oak Cliff to go do whatever, but here, no. We just love it here.”

Despite the city being dry for alcohol, none of the gentlemen expressed a need for a nightlife outlet within Carrollton. A Hidden Door up north? No way.

“I haven’t really heard that anybody would want that here,” Howell says. “And there’s plenty to do already.”

“There are a lot of eateries around here and in Addison, which is really close,” adds Stark. “Food is kind of important to bears.”

And one particular restaurant has become iconic among the suburban gents.

“You’re always gonna find a bear at Babe’s,” Perlman says. “Babe’s is just awesome and I love living close to it.”

Needless to say, everyone agreed.

This article appeared in Defining Homes Magazine, October 4, 2013.

—  Michael Stephens

Eye candy of the day: Ben Cohen

Just in time for our summer sports edition, a little treat for fans of gay-friendly rugby star Ben Cohen, from the photoshoot for his new calendar. I’ve met Cohen; he really is as dreamy as he appears. Sigh. And check out our stories about a local gay Olympic torchbearer, a new gay basketball league & more.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

TBRU 17: Top tees at Big D BearDance

Slogans ruled the night at Friday’s Big D BearDance as bears of all sorts sported clever t-shirts before taking them off as the night got later. From cute to whoa, these bears’ fashion sense stood out. See the top tees from the Bear Dance here.



—  Rich Lopez

January BearDance with DJ Sean Mac at The Loft

Beef it

The men at BearDance are building a solid reputation for bringing in marquee DJs for their events, as their inaugural 2012 dance proves. Atlanta DJ Sean Mac comes to Dallas tonight with his mix of house music, classic disco and even movie scores to play them for the boys and bears of Big D. You think it’s cold outside, but with all the body heat going on inside, you’ll be out of those thermals in no time. And that’s what they want.

DEETS: The Loft, 1135 S. Lamar St. Jan. 13. 9 p.m. $15.

—  Rich Lopez

Blake Little signs his ‘The Company of Men’ pictorial

This ‘Company’ is always on the invite list

Photographer Blake Little’s The Company of Menis an outstanding collection of photographs that idealize the everyman and yet still exudes a high sensual characteristic. Simply, each man photographed is hot, but it’s their lack of touch up or waxing that makes them so. Little strived to capture each in their own element, at their own house and in natural light.

Not surprisingly for the photographer, he created well-constructed shots that are both artistic and, let’s face it, sexy with the best looking bears this side of the National Geographic.

Little will appear tonight to sign copies of his book.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

DEETS: NUVO, 3900 Cedar Springs Road. 5 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Get Totally Twisted tonight at the Dallas Eagle

Leather and vocals?

Well, the Totally Twisted Karaoke peeps have invaded again. This time they go leather and Levi finding a Monday night home at the Eagle. Hunky Robert O. hosts the night and all you daddies, bois, cubs and bears can get your sing on. Just don’t flog anyone if they aren’t on board with your voice.

DEETS: Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave. 9 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

LOCAL BRIEFS: AIN poker tourney at the Brick; Bates set for Dallas Black Pride

AIN poker tourney set at the Brick

A charity poker tournament is set for Saturday, Aug. 27, at the Brick, 2525 Wycliff, to benefit AIDS Interfaith Network.

The Dallas Bears and the LGBT poker league Pocket Rockets will co-host the event with the Brick. Miller Lite is the sponsor and play begins at 3 p.m.

It’s free to play but AIN will benefit in a number of ways. The agency will receive a portion of the drink specials sold. Players may buy additional chips, and the Bears will hold a 50/50 raffle.

A cash prize pool of $500 will be awarded and all levels of players are welcome.

Bates set for Dallas Black Pride

Christopher H. Bates will speak at the Dallas Black LGBT Community Summit on Friday, Sept. 30 at the Dallas Marriott City Center Hotel. He is the director of Health and Human Service’s Office of HIV/AIDS Policy.

Bates will discuss the federal government’s response to the high infection rate among young gay African-American men. He has 20 years experience in public health policy and has been with OHAP for more than a decade.

Bates administers funds for the Minority AIDS Initiative and advises the Undersecretary of Health on education, prevention, testing, research, care and treatment strategies. Information is available at

Martin offers program for couples

Randy Martin, LPC, will facilitate an eight-session program for couples, Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. throughout September and October.

The program is based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). The first session focuses on the new science of love and what it teaches us. The next seven sessions focus on helping couples shape and use the seven conversations laid out in the book Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson, the developer of EFT.

Couples interested in participating should contact Martin at 214-520-7575. The cost of the program is $500 per couple and includes a copy of the book Hold Me Tight and other necessary materials.

NGPA seeks donations

The National Gay Pilots Association recently awarded $22,000 in scholarships and is seeking donations for future awards to aspiring LGBT aviators.

Since its founding in 1998, the NGPA Education Fund has given 46 awards totaling $139,000. Donations can be made on the group’s website,

—  John Wright