Enjoy the exclusive Peter Max-designed cover of this week’s print edition

Anyone who grew up in or just around the 1960s knows who Peter Max is; I saw his artwork on my parents’ Beatles covers and even a Bicentennial-era postage stamp. One of his Lady Liberty posters — signed by him and personally inscribed to me — adorns the Dallas Voice office walls. So it wasn’t a difficult decision to say “yes” when he offered to design the cover of our publication with an exclusive rainbow print, just in time for his appearance in North Texas. This is a collectors’ edition, my friends. It’s a little bit of history in your hands. Thanks, Max!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Video of the day: Yes, you can do drag to The Beatles

The Beatles were the big buzz over the Interwebs this week when Apple made the “big announcement” that they were adding their music catalog to iTunes. We just wanted to get in on the action a bit ourselves. Especially when a Twitter pal said this is the only Beatles cover I needed to hear. I think he may have been right.

Allow me to present to you Cher, Tina Turner and Kate Smith performing a medley of Beatles’ classics. It’s priceless and the rainbow backdrop and marching band only make it better.

—  Rich Lopez