Belinda Carlisle at MetroBall 2015

Belinda Carlisle headlined the entertainment at the 10th annual MetroBall. The dance party last Friday night, June 4, at S4 benefited the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund. Jason Skidmore with The Mug Spot shared these photos with Dallas Voice.

—  Tammye Nash

Winners at Big D Talent contest

IMG_2276This week’s cover story is about the MetroBall and its headliner, Belinda Carlisle (whom I interviewed here), but she’s not the only person who will be performing at the fundraiser next week at Station 4. Last night, I was one of the judges who selected the top two finishers in the second annual Big D Talent contest at The Brick. It was a terrific event, because not all the performers were singers: Three were singer-songwriters (including two who played guitar) , there was a drag performance and a stand-up comic. And honestly, all were extremely talented — it was difficult to rate one against the other.

IMG_2285But that’s why there were five judges, and why two winners walked away with cash and the honor of opening for Belinda. Michael Duane, pictured right, who sang soulful R&B; and Aaron Soto, pictured left, who redefined the skill of pole dancing, placed first and second in the competition. You can see them both next Friday at the MetroBall, but you can get a preview if you want with the QuickTime movie of Michael Duane, below.

Congrats to everyone!

M Duane

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Concert notice: One last goodbye for the Go-Go's, at the Granada Theater in July

Who even knew the Go-Go’s were still intact? The ’80s ladies are back on the road saying goodbye once and for all and they’ll be making their way through Dallas this summer. The Happily Ever After: The Farewell Tour will stop at the Granada Theater on July 26. They are also playing some Lilith Fair dates, but not the stop here.

Of course, we love our Belinda Carlisle and the whole shaky, vibrato thing she had going on with “Heaven and Earth” back in 1989, but our hearts (OK, mine) went out to the perpetually cute Jane Wiedlin. How could you not be aflutter after hearing “Rush Hour“? And could you really forget her coming out in 2005 on VH1’s “The Surreal Life”? Classic.

Say goodbye to the Go-Go’s by getting your tickets now. Tickets are $35–$75 and can be purchased here. In the meantime, here is a snippet of the ladies at House of Blues when they last performed here in 2008.

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—  Rich Lopez