NYC Gays Bend Over For Marines In ‘Toys For Tots’ Name Scandal

The Marine Corp's Toys For Tots program has realized, after more than 25 years, the annual gay-organized toy drive held in New York City has the exact same name of its holiday charity event started in 1947. So after raising hell about the gays' use of the name and the confusion it creates, the Marines got the gay one to change its name. Robby Browne, the fabulously wealthy real estate executive (who sold Lance Bass his new condo), started the Chelsea Piers event in 1985 and says he "just pulled the name out of a hat" when first coming up with the event. Brown (pictured with Dorris Roberts at last year's event) seems to have done the same in the renaming: Toys For Tots will now be known as "Holiday Gifts for Children and Seniors." Definitely not as catchy. Why not "Gays Give Good Gift" or "Homo For The Holidays Toy Drive"? [photo via]

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Workplace Protections Lose in South Bend

TRANSGENDER EMPLOYMENT X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COMA proposal to ban workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in South Bend, Indiana failed by a 6-3 vote in the Common Council. Daily News

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‘Bend’ it like Beck. Uhm.

Glenn Beck’s not the biggest fan of MSNBC’s new “Lean Forward” network slogan. His suggested change:

“By the way, MSNBC, why don’t you just make your slogan ‘Bend Over?’ Because you lean forward enough and it’s bending over, and I think it would be more appropriate.”

Audio at link: Glenn Beck To MSNBC: “Why Don’t You Just Make Your Slogan ‘Bend Over’? [Mediaite]

You know, Glenn means to imply that MSNBC staffers inappropriately bend with their back rather than their knees when picking up pennies. Right? Because what else could he possibly mean to say about his cable adversary?

Though we certainly wouldn’t recommend Glenn and his colleagues (like the whoa-anti-gay David Barton) to engage in any abrupt bending. With all the spinning that goes on over there, a sudden, dizzied inclined might cause someone to hurt something (be it the fanny or the national discourse).

Good As You

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