DVD and Blu-ray gift ideas: Queer appeal in a box

Tons of new and classic movies, TV shows and compilations are out there, if you’re still looking for a good gift idea for someone on your list. Here’s our rundown.

— Chris Azzopardi

Magic Mike. It’s the season of giving, and director Steven Soderbergh is very generous with the amount of men he unwraps in his male stripper movie. As if that wasn’t enough, he includes an actual story. It’s not as beefy as Channing Tatum’s butt, but it’s there: Based on the actor’s real-life go as a peeler, Magic Mike merges art-house indie with MTV video stripteases to tell the story of a veteran dancer — and other “cock-block kings of Tampa” — who learns there’s more to life than stuffing dollar bills in a G-string.

It’s part cautionary tale, part reason for getting hot actors to take their clothes off in a legit film (hello, it’s Soderbergh). Matthew McConaughey steals his scenes as the club’s resident dirtbag, and Matt Bomer does a Ken doll routine that gives new life to those Mattel toys. More of him — the perfect little butt not seen in theaters — shows up in the special features, which are truly, truly special.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones