Ladies' Lunch loves a good 'Box'

A hearty 'Box' lunch.
A hearty ‘Box’ lunch.

The Ladies’ Lunch gang apologizes for the lack of reports. Timing just hasn’t been on anyone’s side. But today, the gang was back in action and I jumped at the chance to join in for new ilume resident, Beyond the Box. Glad to say, it was a good decision for this cold day.

I made my way over there earlier this week and had some pretty fantastic and way spicy tortilla soup. Although it was more puree than chunky, the flavors worked nicely. Being that it was piping hot only made it better for the dropping temps. This time, the three of us took stabs at the sandwich options. But I couldn’t resist another soup serving. But before I get to mine, here’s LL regular Chris’ take on lunch.

—  Rich Lopez

Another new retailer opens at ilume


Beyond the Box, an upscale deli/restaurant/convenience store, today became the third retail business to open at ilume. Beyond the Box, which also has a smaller location downtown, features everything from soups, salads and sandwiches to beer and wine and even organic dog food. Owner Doug Brown, shown above, describes it as follows: “Beyond the Box is to 7-11 what Whole Foods is to Kroger.”реклама в интернетеконтекстная реклама интернет сайтов

—  John Wright