Dancer of the Month: Trey Aaron


We begin a new monthly photography feature, Dancer of the Month, with an up-close look at Trey Aaron.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Trey is looking to move to Dallas soon and do more of what he likes, such as hanging with friends and perhaps finding a place to swim and play basketball.

You might be able to tell that Trey has Swiss heritage along with some German and Cherokee Indian. But not too many people know that he sings and likes to two-step!

Trey likes a wide variety of music styles and of course loves to dance, which you can find him doing at BJ’s NXS and the Rainbow Lounge.

He’s engaging with customers and fellow dancers and shared this unusual pick-up line: “Is there a cellphone in your pocket? Because that ass is calling me!”

Next time you’re out, say hi to Trey and congratulate him on his recent graduation. More photos below.

—  C Marcelo

BJ’s NXS! to try the live music thing starting tonight with Breggett Rideau

Local musician Rusty Johnson is known for his sax appeal and blonde locks, but according to Facebook, he’s taking on a new hat: booking agent. He posted the above in his FB invitation to tonight’s inaugural live music event. ClickĀ  to enlarge.

I can appreciate BJ’s move, although I don’t foresee go-go boys shaking it for a rock set. If so, it could be the most unusual live music offering in town.

—  Rich Lopez

BJ’s NXS! opens new VIP Nightspot Lounge tonight

Club evolution

BJ’s NXS! is far more than a bar with hot dancers in it. At least that’s becoming clearer as they open the next phase of the club. Not only are they opening their Nightspot Lounge, the new private VIP area, they are also adding 16 new beers to the bar. That alone is reason to check it out. For tonight, they’ll offer complimentary tastings as well as keep the hunky dancers close by. Invitations are required but they make it easy for you. Just pick one up from the bartender.

DEETS: BJ’s NXS!, 3215 N. Fitzhugh Ave. 7 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Hot Oil Wrestling at BJ’s NXS! during Razzle Dazzle Dallas

Last week we posted a ton of photos from the “home run” that was Razzle Dazzle Dallas, but one of the events to which we didn’t make it was Hot Oil Wrestling at BJ’s NXS on Sunday night (can you say “walk-off grand slam”???). But ultimately this may have been a good thing, given that our innocent slideshows have already led to criticism that Razzle Dazzle “was all about the hairless twinks in Undergear underwear.” (To which as non-spokespeople we’d reply, “And?”)

Anyhow, the fact is it’s not every day you get to see live, gay Hot Oil Wrestling (at least outside of your own bedroom). So, being gluttons for punishment, we figured we’d go ahead and post a few pics from the event courtesy of Damon Frazier at 4513 Photography via Facebook. After all, like it says on the one wrestler’s back, “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.” More pics below.

—  John Wright

PHOTOS: Adam Lambert at BJ’s after the show

When you’re a young, gay pop icon and done with your concert around 11 p.m., you wanna go out to a gay bar, right? Adam Lambert sure does. He tweeted last night, wondering what to do after his performance at the Palladium. What did he end up doing? Going out to BJ’s NXS! on Fitzhugh, natch.

Photographer Erick Alsing took these pix of Lambert, who arrived around 1 a.m. and partied until last call, hanging out and, obviously, letting himself be photographed with the staff.

Hey, it might not be Lady Gaga at the Round-Up, but it’s pretty cool.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones