Lawsuit against SA boarding school says bully threatened to rape boy with lit blowtorch

The parents of a former student have filed a lawsuit against an elite religious boarding school in San Antonio, alleging that a bully threatened to sexually assault their son with a lit blowtorch. The family of the then-15-year-old also says the boy’s classmates bullied him by calling him “gay” and “Nazi.” From the San Antonio Express-News:

The suit describes a night when a group of students burst into his room and pinned him down in his bed while one waved a lit blowtorch in his face and “made repeated threats to rape him.”

The suit names TMI and the San Antonio-based Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. The school was founded in 1893 by an Episcopal bishop.

The suit, which does not specify damages, accuses them of ignoring warnings from the parents and boy despite the school’s zero-tolerance hazing policy.

“You’re entrusting your child to a boarding facility that’s supposed to be one of the best in Texas and the nation and one run by a church,” said Tahira Khan Merritt, the family’s attorney based in Dallas. “You certainly don’t expect to be abused.”

Read a full copy of the lawsuit here.


—  John Wright