Blythe Beck doubles down at Kitchen LTO


Chef Blythe Beck will continue on at Kitchen LTO in Trinity Groves

The concept of restaurateur Casie Caldwell’s Kitchen LTO — where the “LTO” stands for “limited time only” — was to swap out chefs every four months so that the restaurant is continually reinventing itself. But when chef Blythe Beck took over at the beginning of October, it seemed like an especially good fit, so she started at campaign: “Keep Blythe” became its own local meme, and a Facebook page was even set up to keep her on through May 2015 … as long as she got at least 1,000 “likes” before the end of the year. As of yesterday, the number hit nearly 1,100, and so it’s official: Beck will continue on another four months at the Trinity Groves location. So if you haven’t enjoyed her naughty cuisine yet, you have more time to. And if you have, there’s always room for another visit.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Blythe Beck runs away with the spoon at Kitchen LTO

Blythe Beck, naughty ... and new at Kitchen LTOCasie Caldwell, the entrepreneur responsible for creating Greenz, branched out with a new concept last year with her Kitchen LTO (for “limited time only”) at Trinity Groves. The idea was: Change out the menu and the chef every few months so that each visit is a new experience … or one you can’t enjoy for long. The fourth iteration of the restaurant — which began with a competition between chefs last month — is set to open soon, and the new chef there will be gay fave Blythe Beck.

Beck was the saucy chef at Central 214 whose “naughty” recipes embrace indulgent, non-calorie-counting decadence. (She was even a Dallas Voice Readers Voice Award winner.) She’ll start at Kitchen LTO with the first dinner service on Oct. 2, and the first lunch on Oct. 3 — her return to Dallas as a regular kitchen denizen. Congrats, Blythe!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Blythe Beck introduces 1st-ever cooking series

If there’s a gap in most home cooks’ repertoire, it’s probably that they don’t deep-fry enough kobe beef or use enough butter. OK, maybe not that exactly, but the thing is, that’s the specialty of Central 214 exec chef Blythe Beck. Now, for the first time, she’s gonna share some of her creations in intimate cooking classes this fall.

There are three classes planned so far — Sept. 17 (Pride Weekend!), Oct. 15 and Nov. 19 — in which she’ll share some of her secrets in making a three-course dinner complete with wine pairing. Class size is limited to 25. Cost is $125 per person.

To sign up, visit

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Pink AND green: Hotel Palomar receives eco-friendly certification, visit from mayor

So, we all know Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar is TAG-approved and very gay-friendly (chef Blythe Beck even chastised me for not attending their Sordid Pride event last week), but now the accommodations on 75 and Mockingbird are also eco-friendly. At a breakfast Tuesday morning consecrated by Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, the Palomar was certified “Green Seal Silver,” a designation indicating a high level of environmental consciousness. How high? It’s the first hotel in Dallas to achieve that level, and only the fourth in the state.

“They made it with flying colors,” Leppert said, quoting Green Seal auditor Michelle Hallahan. “More and more, people are making decisions based on these things.”

The requirements, set in 1996, range from having recycling bins in the guest rooms to water conservation, eco-friendly landscaping, options for re-using towels and linens, and staff training. It is also extending a program with Dallas Area Rapid Transit to encourage public transportation.

“Are you enjoying your sustainable breakfast?” Leppert asked me at the event. “Not so sustainable for the pig,” I noted. “Hey,” interjected Blythe, “no hormones! I treat that animal as well as I can.”

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Logo’s ‘Bump’ highlights Dallas

Wednesday night (and again Thursday morning), Logo aired an episode of the travel series Bump! that profiled Dallas. And Dallas looked damn good in it. Of course, anything near host Charlie David is bound to bask in his reflected beauty, but still.

The episode, which was filmed during last year’s Pride Weekend, painted the well-rounded portrait of gay Dallas we know to be the reality. Yes, they hit the Round-Up Saloon with the two-stepping queerboys, but we also got interviews with drag diva Wayne Smith and mayoral chief of staff Chris Heinbaugh; a scrimmage with gay rugby players the Dallas Diablos, pictured; and a session with NOH8 creator Adam Bouska, who picked Dallas as his first locale outside California. Plus there were scenes of the parade, a stop by Blythe Beck’s kitchen at Central 214 and other things that set Dallas apart. (The ep was actually screened at a preview party last week at the ilume, which got plenty of good press as well.)

The episode is set to re-air next week. Take a look, and see how gay America sees Big D.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'Naughty Kitchen' finale hearts Dallas Voice


The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck, the reality show on Oxygen set at Central 214 here in Dallas, had its season finale tonight, and the Dallas Voice was prominently featured.

The series began with Beck receiving a less-than-glowing review from the Dallas Morning News, and for much of the run, tension has built over whether she could keep her job by redeeming her food in the eyes of critics. In the final episode, that redemption came when she received a review written by yours truly.

Sure, the show plays a little fast-and-loose with the timeline (my review came out this summer — in the national pride edition — not long after the DMN’s and well before many of the events already portrayed), but it was gratifying to hear about 75 percent of the review read aloud on the show. (It was an especially big deal for Beck because my review under the prior exec chef was not so positive.)

Anyway, if you catch it on reruns, you can see the big reveal about 45 minutes into the episode… or you can spoil the suspense and read it here.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gay top 10 reasons to head to the State Fair


In case you hadn’t heard, the State Fair opens today. We can understand if you’re on the fence about going. Even though the new DART Green Line makes it easier to get there, we hear some of the prices have gone up. It’s a tough balance.

But it’s the Fair! Come on!

That didn’t work? Well, some colleagues and I mulled over reasons why you should head over there between now and Oct. 18. Behold our gay top 10 reasons to go to the State Fair of Texas.

—  Rich Lopez