Celebration of Love Gala raises funds for Lesbian Health Initiative

The scooter's way cuter in pink, sorry Liz

The Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston is celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early with their Celebration of Love Gala Saturday, Feb. 11. at the Double Tree Hotel downtown (400 Dallas Street). The 10th annual gala is the 20-year-old organization’s major fundraiser of the year.

This year the gala features comedienne Susanne Westenhoefer, who claims to be the “first openly-gay comedian to appear on television” (yep, she was out before Ellen).  Dorothy Weston, co-founder and CEO of The Rose (a breast cancer prevention and treatment organization) will be honored  for her years of service. In addition the evening includes dinner, dancing, a silent auction and the raffling of a pink Vitacci 50cc Retro Scooter. LHI executive director Liz James is particularly excited about the raffle even if she didn’t quite get her way on the prize. “I wanted it to be a black scooter, as I’m a bit on the butch side,” said James, adding that more “femme” forces in the organization prevailed and a pink scooter was selected instead.

Regardless of the color of the scooter, the Celebration of Love Gala promises to be a fun filled night, not just for sapphic romantics, but for anyone looking for a valentine’s date night that supports a good cause. Tickets for the black tie affair start at $100 and can be purchased at lhihouston.org. Doors open at 6 pm.

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Is You Can Sell Breast Milk Ice Cream, What About Semen Gelato?

With the London restaurant Icecreamists selling breast milk ice cream under the brand "Baby Gaga" for £14 per dish, it was only a matter of time before other bodily fluids were put up for sale, including those from men. At least in CGI form. Who wants a helping of "Labia Gaga"? Or "Jamie's Googoo"?

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What Do You Call A Straight Guy Who Wants Breast Implants (So He Can Enjoy Them)?

I'm not sure whether the story of Gilbert Moonuit, who says he's a premiere football league ref (though Google turned up next to nil), is completely fabricated or only semi-fictional, but self-described "aspiring filmmaker" Theodore Divanis insists this video is "based on a true story." Whatever that means. As we're told to believe, Gilbert is a straight guy who wants to get breast implants — because he loves boobs so much that he wants his own set to play with. Does this make him some sort of mix between heterosexual and trans? Is this a new form of gender identity we've yet to put a label on? He's got a girlfriend (supposedly a former lesbian) and says he misses the "man boobs" he had was he was younger and obese. Is this supposed to be funny? Maybe? I guess we'll soon find out: In the next episode, Gilbert goes shopping for bras. This could be great or terrible, I've yet to finalize my thoughts.


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