State Fair of Texas opens today

You had us at ‘howdy,’ Big Tex

When the Food Choice Awards rolled out fried bubblegum as the Most Creative winner, we weren’t immediately on board. Yes, we know it’s a marshmallow that tastes like gum, but do we get to stick it under our ferris wheel seat when we’re done? Sure, we’ll try it, but the Best Taste winner Buffalo chicken in a flapjack rings like heaven in our ears. Welcome back, State Fair.

DEETS: Fair Park, 1121 First Ave. Through Oct. 23. $13.95.

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Buffalo Symbol currently marks WY; two lawmakers hope to mark it with new B.S.

Wy Flag LComing soon to a Wyoming near you:

State Rep. Owen Petersen of (R-Mountain View) and State Sen. Curt Meier (R-LaGrange) are taking the initiative to reevaluate the state’s definition of marriage. The two lawmakers plan to co-sponsor a resolution at the 2011 General Session that would allow voters to decide whether or not the state should give constitutional authority to same-sex marriage.

In order for Petersen and Meier’s proposal to go on Wyoming’s next election ballot, as Prop. 8 did in California, it would require a two-thirds-majority vote and no government vetoes.

Meier to co-sponsor marriage resolution [Torrington Tellegram]

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A threat to gays who are simply living their lives. Though also a threat to tourism officials with the Belle Fourche River, whose main selling point revolves around that aquatic body’s role as the state’s lowest point.

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HRC Members in Buffalo Fight Hard for Pro-Marriage Candidates in State Senate Race

Tim Kennedy’s campaign for New York state Senate is heating up with polls now showing Tim in a statistical dead heat with Republican nominee and marriage foe Jack Quinn III. HRC is making sure our members know about this key race. I’ve been working here on the ground helping to turn out our members for volunteer canvasses and phone banks here in western New York.

HRC member and volunteer all-star, Damian Tremblay, hits the phones at least 4 times a week talking to members and voters in the Buffalo area about Tim and the issues that are important to Western New Yorkers. If elected, Kennedy pledges to represent the best interests of all New York families and will represent one of the 6 votes necessary to finally pass marriage equality in the state of New York.

Tim is challenging Incumbent Assemblyman Jack Quinn III who is actively campaigning against Tim because of his stance on marriage equality. But Tim isn’t backing down.

After a long night of voter contact, Damian took me and two other HRC volunteers to the Buffalo favorite recently visited by Barack Obama himself — Duff’s Famous Wings. With the help of volunteers like Damian and others, we can achieve full marriage rights and full stomachs!

Are you in the Buffalo area? Are you interested in volunteering for a fantastic, pro-equality candidate? Call Regional Field Organizer David Contreras Turley at 202 330 3790 for more information.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  John Wright

HRC’s Members Canvass Buffalo for Equality

HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage Equality is in full swing. With the New York primary on Tuesday, September 14th, less than a week away, HRC members across the Empire State, from the Big Apple to the Great Lakes, are engaging in phone banks and canvassing to ensure fellow New Yorkers elect pro-marriage equality candidates in this year’s state Senate primary.

Only 6 more votes are required in the state Senate to ensure marriage equality in New York. In order to reach that magic number, HRC has identified important democratic primaries where we can pick up the supportive votes needed for New York to join states like Vermont and Iowa in finally providing equal marriage rights to all of its residents!

One of the priority democratic primaries is in South Buffalo, where HRC-endorsed Tim Kennedy is running against Democrat incumbent and equal marriage foe Bill Stachowski. HRC members Errin Doyle and Casey Fouquet are just two of our local HRC members who have been volunteering and actively engaging the community on behalf of Tim Kennedy to secure marriage equality in New York. Errin and Casey joined Kennedy weeks ago for their first door-to-door canvass and pounded the pavement, proving themselves to be total rock stars!

Casey and Errin have even postponed a camping trip this coming weekend, the last weekend before the Primary, in order to help the Kennedy campaign with their Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. Hats off to Casey and Errin and to all our HRC brothers and sisters who are actively volunteering to ensure marriage equality in New York.

If you live in the Buffalo area and are interested in volunteering for a great pro-equality candidate, please contact David Turley at or call him at 202-330-3790.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  John Wright